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Orange Power Multi Purpose Cleaner & Sanitizers combines naturally derived orange oil and sugar alcohols to potentially kill dangerous germs like Salmonella, E. coli, and Staphylococcus etc in less than 60 seconds. These germs lurk on kitchen surfaces and can get passed onto food items.

Most other Anti-Bacterial cleaners need to be sprayed and left for over 10 minutes to kill these germs (meaning surface has to be thoroughly wet for the entire 10 minutes). This may even require re-spraying the surface before the 10 minutes is up due to liquid evaporation. Orange Power does not have that requirement and also has the following features:

1.Biodegradable properties, safe for septic 

2.Natural, anti-bacterial formula 

3.Renewable resources from Australian farmers 

4.Large 750mL clear recyclable bottle with trigger 

5.Natural Citrus delicate scent 

6.Australian Made & Owned

7.Dissolves Grease & Grime immediately


9.Natural Anti-Bacterial Formula

10.All Orange Power products are earth friendly thanks to a mixture of natural and renewable ingredients like orange oil and cane sugar important alcohol and a obligation to no added colors, preservatives, perfumes, bleaches and caustic substances. They are biodegradable and water safe. 

11.Orange Power does not use any artificial, synthetic fragrances; simply the natural fresh smell derived from citrus.

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