Professional Development Workshops And School Visits

Research has gives the result that Kids Teaching Kids pedagogy works well in terms of charming students in environmental resource organization concerns.

At the River Health Conferences,

For example:

For a major strength of students, the understanding of contributing in Kids Teaching Kids activities emerge to generate a sense of relationship with local place and participation with real local concerns.

Firestarter's professional development workshops explore how the method can be used in the current curriculum to meet authentic outcome-based learning requirements such as the Essential Learning Standards recently introduced in Victoria.

School visits involve Firestarter staff visiting your school to work with your students in putting together the basic outline of a Kid's Teaching Kid's Workshop. Please note: To secure a school visit you must have registered to attend a conference.

There are so many students who are also appear to communicate a intelligence of ecological dependability and a emerging sense of ecological and autonomous agency. In other words, some students gained a sense of opportunity for modify, or a growing confidence in their ability to dynamically contribute in social and autonomous processes connecting environmental concern.

In addition, through the actual experience of Firestarter being Conference participants, students learn to be active, effective citizens and advocates for a sustainable future -Richard Wood, Ford One Planet Award Winning ex- Principal.

Kids teaching Kids is a multidisciplinary approach to integrating key learning areas into a comprehensive educational model with strong emphasis on practical application.


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