Pure Bamboo Towel Set

 Our luxurious eco friendly bamboo towels are made from pure natural bamboo fiber.

They are spectacular, elegant, and ultra soft. These towels have unique properties such as the antibacterial qualities characteristic of bamboo fibers. Another quality of the bamboo fiber is its high absorbency, as bamboo fibers can absorb four times the moisture as of cotton.

They fluff up after washing and have a beautiful sheen. Remember, bamboo doesn't allow bacteria to grow on it so these towels will stay fresh longer and they get softer with every washing. Bamboo has soil releasing properties so no bleach is necessary. Also, no fabric softener, you don't need it. Wash and dry these towels like any other.

We strongly recommend to wash them using our ECO LAUNDRY BALL! You will love them and they will love your body. These towels actually dry your body instead of moving the water around!

700 grams per square meter

Pure Bamboo Towels Set loops comprised of 100% bamboo

100% Bamboo Towels Set Dimensions:

1 bath towel   70x140cm
1 hand towel  40x76cm
1 face towel   33x33cm

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