Solar Power from Earth Utility

Earth Utility also supply and install solar power (often called solar photovoltaic) systems. These harness sunlight and convert it to electricity to power your home. The electrical output from solar panels is fed to and inverter which also feeds surplus electricity the system produces into the local power grid. Solar panels convert the energy from sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity and the inverter then modifies this direct current to the Alternating Current (AC) needed to run your home.

The benefits of the system are that it is a quiet, clean and sustainable energy source that reduces your dependence on fossil, carbon-based fuels. It is can save you money because you will use less electricity from the mains electricity grid.  When combined with solar hot water, you could see reductions in your existing energy bills by as much as 50%.

The power produced from the solar power system can reduce your energy bill by up to 20% for a 1KW system ( that's about 1500KWh per year) depending on climate conditions.  If your system produces more than you use, you will earn a credit from your local electricity company.  During the night your house will draw energy from the grid.

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