Solarventi Industrial

Introducing a new first for Australia, Solarventi Industrial Solar Heating.
The SolarVenti Industrial Model has the same features and efficiency as Enerconcept’s Luba system but we believe our product is simpler in its design and construction and therefore more cost efficient to produce, transport, assemble and mount.
The conclusion, in our mind, is that the SolarVenti Industrial Model is the most cost efficient product on the market. This is more or less confirmed in a test made by Enerconcept where their Luba collector with the SolarVenti patent is compared to their old Luba models and the German product Grammar.
At an average sun radiation at approximately 800kWh/m2/year and an efficiency of approx 70 %, the theoretical energy supply is approximately 550kWh/m2/year.
At an average consumption pattern the energy supply is estimated to approximately 450kWh/m2/year.

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