Sustainable Food

Sustainable Food

FoEA Sustainable Food is providing HOPE Company and also Agriculture Project addresses concern of community integrity and environmental sustainability in existing food and farming systems.

The foremost worldwide agri-food system is characterized by several ecological problems and social dissimilarity.

Ecological problems include: -

- The chemical pollution of land,

- Waterways and foods,

- Soil & degradation,

- Erosion the loss of seed and

- Animal diversity

The energy and resources consumed in the long-distance transportation, processing and packaging of foods; and a range of human health impacts and risks.

Modern technological developments (Such as the new genetic technologies) and economic developments (such as attempts by the WTO and other institutions and governments to open local economies to the forces of corporate globalization) intimidate to aggravate these environmental and socio-economic troubles.

HOPE Company has a various variety of oppositional and unconventional forms of food manufacture and utilization have emerged to challenge the governing agri-food system. The general propensity of these arrangements are towards more environmentally sustainable forms of food production together with the conservation of traditional farming practices and communities and for more local and reasonable forms of food allocation and utilization which engage forming more express links between food producers and consumers.

Examples of these initiatives include: -

- Organic agricultural production,

- Seed saving networks,

- Community Supported Agriculture,

- Farmers markets,

- Fair trade movements and

- Food co-operatives

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