The Press Box

The Press Box

The New double Function Bum Box is commenced. It has some fresh "Display/Gift With Purchase" Bum Box that can be customized to demonstrate a variety of goods allied to outdoor events such as Bottles of Wine or Champagne, Soft Drink or Beer, as well as Beach Towels, DVDs, Children�s Games etc. It is perfect for Companies who�s ambition to promote their Brand and achieve inspirational volume sales and is also a great prospect to distribute an appropriate communication and enclose their Brand stand out in the retail sector. Customers simply pick up the display and carry to the sales counter. There's a thousand traditions The Bum Box can be put to good use�and supplementary encourage your invention at numerous outdoor behavior and events.

a) It is straightforward to transmit and pops out into a prepared seat, which can be: -

b) It can be in use in seaside for picnics in the park;

c) Watch the footy or cricket at a local sports ground;

d) Take a seat at the same time as inspecting netball or soccer on a Saturday morning;

e) Soak up the atmosphere of an outdoor concert

Watch movies on the big screen at outdoor cinemas from the best seat �in the house� and thus they provide your Brand even more disclosure.

1) It�s sturdy;

2) Comfortable;

3) Portable;

4) It�s re-usable

5) It�s environmentally friendly and

6) It�s up to you to think outside the box

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