Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia is a national network that links thousands of local community groups who are passionate about environmental and land conservation. Interested areas of Landcare Australia include farmland protection, waterway rehabilitation, costal and marine conservation, tree planting, animal conservation and urban environment maintenance.

Australia is proud to boast more than 4,000 community landcare groups and many thousands of landcare volunteers in most towns across the country.

Through Australia's people and communities, the Landcare movement is making a big difference in caring for our country.

All around Australia, Landcare volunteers are proving that together we can repair and viably manage our precious natural resources. This unique partnership between communities, government and organisations is achieving great things.

Improving our farmlands: Many primary producers are active participants in landcare. They make significant contributions to combating soil salinity and erosion through sound land management practices and sustainable productivity. More than 40 per cent of farmers are involved in landcare and many more practice landcare farming.

Breathing new life into waterways: Rivercare groups work to conserve, rehabilitate and better manage our river systems.

Around the coast: Coastcare groups are active in improving local coastal and marine environments.

Bringing back trees: Each year landcarers plant many millions of native trees, shrubs and grasses for a range of benefits, including better soils, water and air quality. They restore bushland and conserve sensitive areas in public and on private land.

Restoring wildlife habitats: Landcare volunteers have provided protection for thousands of native species, including threatened and endangered flora and fauna.

Urban action - protecting our urban environment Active landcare groups in Australia’s towns and cities invest inestimable time and effort each year working to tackle local environmental issues of most concern to their communities.

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