Carbon Companies

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Climate Positive

Climate Positive works to provide tools to engage individuals and groups on global warming issues, to measure and reduce carbon footprints and to offset with high-quality ... more »

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Simplygreen Salary Packaging

customers with flexible salary packaging solutions with minimal impact on the environment. Simplygreen?s innovative & carbon neutral range of services can be tailored ... more »

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Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Western Australia. A key tool in meeting this challenge will be new, low emission technologies that reduce the State's carbon... more »

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Resource Tipshop

Renewable energy carbon offsets.... more »

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Changsha Okay Energy Co., Ltd

car exhaust emission do more and more harm to our environment. It's mainly caused by the deposit carbon in car engine. The dirty carbon deposit in engine rises ... more »

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My Green Gadgets

My Green Gadgets we are all about helping reduce your carbon footprint in your home or business. Through measurement, advice, mentoring and access to energy efficient ... more »

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e3 Global 60 Day Carbon Challenge offers small-to-medium business a practical framework to reduce their carbon footprint and participate in the new green economy. ... more »

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Rare Consulting

issues, particularly greenhouse strategy and urban air pollution. Our services include public policy research, carbon emissions assessments for transport, and carbon ... more »

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Australian Climate Exchange

developing & operating the exchange has provided ACX with a unique perspective of both Australian and International carbon markets. We have used this knowledge ... more »

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Global Carbon Exchange

Swapping credits and currencies for a great environmental cause here at Global Carbon Exchange every single day. Visit our website today and invest your eco ... more »

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Green Mobiles

every $1 you spend through Green Mobiles, we will donate 10 cents to carbon emission reduction programs. There's absolutely no extra cost to you for choosing to ... more »

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TAC Pacific

to helping you adapt to new technologies and solutions, so that, over time, your buildings grow in value with the lowest carbon footprint and maximum... more »

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Greening Australia Qld

training and vegetation-management services, from weed control and natural bush regeneration, to landscaping and carbon... more »

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eco company that focuses on the design, creation and management of agro-forestry systems for the making of carbon sequestration and sustainable... more »

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Character Products

Products is an Australian business and has been engaged in the eco marketing of activated carbon since 1994. Businesses serviced over this time by Character Products ... more »

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Blue Doors Studio

Blue Doors Studio is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and offers Green photo Shoots allowing clients to offset the carbon cost of a photoshoo... more »

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ABC TV Carbon Cops

a little help from the Carbon Cops and some simple lifestyle changes, the Barrie family reduced their carbon emissions from 62 tonnes to 36 tonnes with an annual ... more »

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Sustainable Living Fabrics

Living Fabrics leads the way with its Green Living Collection, an extensive range of Australian made, heavy duty, carbon neutral, upholstery fabrics for commercial ... more »

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gas emissions. Developed by an Australian company, this new technology came about as a result of concern for the carbon cycle on planet Earth. The unit has been ... more »

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Commerce Carbon

Carbon is a nationally recognised energy & greenhouse consultancy providing customised financial & environmental solutions to our clients. We offer a range ... more »

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Australian Soil Resource Information System

in regions where mapping is complete. Information relates to soil depth, water storage, permeability, fertility, carbon and erodibility. Most soil information is ... more »

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RepuTex is an investment research and consulting firm which quantifies the impact of emerging risks such as corporate governance, carbon and geo-political risk ... more »

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Timbercrete -Sydney

Timbercrete homes consume less energy for heating/cooling. Timbercrete acts as a ?carbon sink? preventing the release of carbon dioxide from decomposing sawdust ... more »

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The Permaforest Trust

in sustainability education, networking and resources for ecological, cultural and personal transition to a lower carbon future. Study at Byron Bay and enjoy our ... more »

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The Carbon Reduction Institute

Reports on the activity of multinational carbon corporations.... more »

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offer carbon-offset as a part of our mobile service. For every $1 you spend through GreenMobiles, we will donate 10c to carbon emission reduction programs. There's ... more »

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Activated Carbon Technologies

Carbon Technologies Pty Ltd (ACT) specialises in supplying high quality activated carbon and anthracite to Australia and New Zealand industry and water treatment ... more »

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CO2 Australia Ltd.

Australia is an Australian market leader when it comes to the establishment and forest management of carbon sinks meant to be registered under formal emissions ... more »

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Carbon Planet

Every Australian emits an average of 28 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year. Your subscription to 28 fully certified carbon credits each year will remove your personal ... more »

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Aarcon Odour Control

sulphide and other foul odour compounds from gases in sewage pumping stations by the use of impregnated activated carbon.The optimal performance of this activated ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Carbon Products

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Office Certification

and recycling, transportation and travel, supply chain sustainability, general environmental issues and a voluntary carbon compensation program. Points are awarded ... more »

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Ecolimo Prepares For A Wedding Ecolimo Prepares For A Wedding

luxury sports sedan, an electric/petrol hybrid, most important feature of the Lexus GS450h is that it produces 45% less carbon emissions than the average limousine. ... more »

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COzero Business

Business provides small to medium businesses chance to retire their carbon emissions mount up from their present energy use using government attributed GreenPower. ... more »

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COzero Home

provides services to make your home carbon neutral, the first thing we require to know is your home's footprint (your home's carbon emissions). To achieve this ... more »

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Easy Being Green Easy Being Green

offset the rest. Jackgreen Energy Easy Being Green offset program can reduce your impact on climate change. The Green Carbon Offsets allows you to make a difference ... more »

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Commerce Carbon

financial & environmental solutions are offering to clients by Commerce Carbon which is nationally acknowledged carbon consultancy. Commerce Carbon provides ... more »

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forests we plant do more than take carbon from the environment. We plant a wide variety of native trees in permanent forests that help to reduce salinity and soil ... more »

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Climate Change Climate Change

scientists warn us that current carbon emission levels are main source of global warming and increases speed of climate change. Recent levels of carbon emissions ... more »

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Electrical Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management Audits Electrical Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management Audits

at GL Solar, we recommend not only solar services, but also Electrical Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management Audits.  We believe that Electrical energy efficiency ... more »

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Carbon Offsets

Bridge is a world-leading carbon offset business from its portfolio of over 200 emission reductions projects. Climate Bridge develops projects across a range ... more »

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Carbon Neutral Cars Carbon Neutral Cars

Neutral Cars is a proudly designed product cleverly manufactured by Carbon Neutral who aim to combat carbon dioxide emissions. With these carbon neutral cars, the ... more »

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Greenhouse Gas Assessments Greenhouse Gas Assessments

has emissions inventories that helps to provide Greenhouse management plans and provide various services including carbon lifecycle assessments, energy efficiency ... more »

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Carbon Management Carbon Management

at Green Briar, we feature services in Carbon and Water Management.  To us, Carbon management is all about monitoring and gathering data so we can use them ... more »

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Minimising our Carbon Emisions Minimising our Carbon Emisions

nextinct, we try to minimise our carbon impact as much as we can. Wherever possible we'd source materials and labour locally. Our journey started in in Perth WA ... more »

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Roy's Antique Furniture

Furniture at Roy’s Antiques are 100% organic, recycled and have their carbon footprint amortised over generations. All items shown on the website are guaranteed ... more »

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Climate Friendly Climate Friendly

and also straight to the corporate sector. To help in slow down the process of global warming and neutralize the carbon emissions buy green energy credits through ... more »

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Australian Native Plant Guide Australian Native Plant Guide

free seed pack. Includes postage and handling. Delivery Australia-wide. GST included. If you want to help in reduce carbon emissions you can help easily by ... more »

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