Save Energy, Save Money

Save Energy, Save Money (SESM) is Australia’s first and only efficiency comparison and price comparison website. The inspiration for the website came from frustration of rising energy bills and a lack of information regarding actual running costs of electrical products. With energy bills set to rise even further we recognised the need for a website that gives you easy to understand information on energy consumption, and that’s exactly what SESM provides.

It is our goal to help you make informed decisions when purchasing electrical products. Not only have we done all the research for you (based on manufacturer’s data) but we have also found the best prices. This means that you can now confirm annual running costs and, compare prices while at the same time contributing to a more sustainable and energy efficient Australia.

We pose the question to you; what’s the point of buying a TV that could cost you twice as much a year to run than another that works just as well? If we can save energy and money for you at the same time, we are happy to make a difference for a more sustainable future.

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