The Australian Sustainable Industry Research Centre (ASIRC) is an independent, dedicated and highly skilled organisation, established to provide Australian businesses with innovative solutions and research into the latest developments resource management and improved environmental outcomes.

Australian Sustainable Industry Research Centre (ASIRC) specialises in implementing the waste hierarchy with government and business. The avoidance, recycling, reuse, recovery of energy and other value from waste streams, along with treatment of water, solid and liquid wastes is core business for ASIRC.

ASIRC also works on specific industry projects that maximise the commercial output of products, the best use of natural resources, the reduction or elimination of landfill waste and the recycling of waste materials. We also undertake specific research projects that underpin an extensive knowledge base to tailor fit for purpose waste and resource management solutions. 

Our experience includes work in the major manufacturing, waste management, sewerage and prescribed industrial waste, water treatment, dairying, natural resource management, petrochemical and water supply industries. We also have a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory and the relevant academic resources of Monash University to support us.

ASIRC is an independent, not for profit, tax-exempt organisation, founded with a Victorian Government Science, Technology and Innovation Grant.

ASIRC does not have any ongoing government support but rather has a unique Industry Membership model that relies on producing value and relevance to our strategic partners to ensure survival.

ASIRC operates innovatively, whether fee for service support or undertaking applied research.

Our work is initiated by industry needs and includes development through to demonstration in the market place.

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