10 Litre Per Day Water Generator

10 Litre Per Day Water Generator

Ecovibe has broad range of Atmospheric Water Generator in Austrailian market . We have the stock of Hendrex and others original water generators .

now cutting edge technology should require in every home and office due to dwindling water supply.

How it works

How do Atmospheric Water Generators work? .It is simply work with advance technology of creating water vapour from air and convert that water vapour to water then water filterred through some stages include UV sterilization and gives pure drinking water.

The Advantages of Atmospheric Water Generators

Environmentally responsible

Save Dwindling water supplies

No plumbing required, just plug into a power socket

Eliminates the cost and storage of bottled water

Select units can be run on solar energy

Chilled and Hot water for convenience*

Reliable water source

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