Community Owned Renewable Energy

 Energetic Communities is currently establishing it's own community renewable energy co-operative as a seperate entity to Energetic Communities. It is this entity that will develop, own, install and manage the 30-100kW solar project.
We also help facilitate the development of Community Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) is several communities around South East Queensland.
We have given several presentations on CORE principles and how to engage your community to get community led renewable projects up and running.
Are you a business, church, hospital, social enterprise or not-for-profit?
Having a CORE project on your site not only reduces GHG emissions, it can also lock in lower electricity prices for the life of the project, while electricity prices are expected to rise. A CORE project will also aid your connections to the community, who will view you favourably.
How can we help you?

We will help facilitate the formation of community energy cooperatives in your community. Anything you invest in CORE projects will help you finance renewable energy in your community, with profits being returned to the community through the investors themselves or through a small percentage going towards a community fund. As part of our drive for community owned renewable energy, we will also help you undertake energy efficiency and conservation and reduce your bills. This will allow you enjoy your installation more and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

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