Conergy Solar Hot Water Systems

Conergy Solar Hot Water Systems

Conergy Solar Hot Water Systems

Conergy solar hot water systems are built to withstand the harshest conditions and can be custom-built to suit any requirements. From a small family to large commercial operations, Conergy systems represent new levels of efficiency, cost saving and reliable hot water, all year round.

• Australian designed products
• Complete roof mounted, split systems and heat pump
• Gas and electric boost options
• High REC efficiency rebates, independently rated
• Freeze protected systems

Solar Hot Water Systems
• Residential and Commercial solar hot water solutions
• Close coupled, roof mounted thermosiphon solar hot water systems
• Split systems (solar panels on the roof, tank on the ground)
• Closed circuit solar water heaters available for frost prone regions
• Solar panels specifically designed for coastal regions available
• Stainless steel models also available
• Gas and electric boosted models available
• High efficiency REC ratings for increased rebates

The Benefits of a Conergy Solar Hot Water System
• Energy from the sun is free!
• Reduce power bills whilst helping the environment
• Receive up to 90 % of hot water requirements from the sun
• Low maintenance operation
• Suitable for below freezing to the harshest desert conditions
• Government rebates available to approved applicants

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