Doonas, Comforter, Quilt KapoK filled

Doonas, Comforter, Quilt KapoK filled

Goldilocks Natural Bedding Doonas are made with Oeko-Tex® cotton filled with luscious grade 1 KapoK fibre. KapoK is affordable hypo-allergenic, lightweight, vegan and chemical-free. It is a snug and warm non-toxic alternative to synthetics. 

Our doonas are handmade in Australia and can be customized, such as half/half for couples depending on their sleeping needs. 

Our doonas come in all standard sizes for single, double, queen and king sized beds. All of our doonas have walled channels, they do come with the option of open channel which allows the KapoK to shift up and down the channel or a nylon T-Bar or hand-stitched notch added every 15 cm/6" to avoid shifting of the Kapok filling. A gentle shake will reset/resettle your KapoK fibre.

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