Naturally Organic KapoK Sleep Pillow

Naturally Organic KapoK Sleep Pillow

Goldilocks's Heavenly Head Pillows is filled with KapoK, which is anti-bacterial, chemical-free, organic, vegan and no fumigation material. Our pillow is very soft yet supportive, it is sourced ethically, sustainable, durable and beneficial to your health. Our KapoK pillow will last you between 5-10 years, it is a super economical investment. 

KapoK has its unique ability to ‘puff back up’ when placed under the sunlight.

This pillow size is Australian standard size (70cm x 45cm) and comes in a vacuum bag. You can choose between hemp/organic cotton or Certified Organic Cotton shells/inner. You can also choose whether to have a zipper on the cover or not. Our standard KapoK fill is 630 grams, but you can request it to be 600grams or 650grams with no extra cost. A request for more than 650grams will be charged extra.

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