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Australian Electronic Water Conditioners

Welcome to Australian Electronic Water Conditioners Pty Ltd. ASRAPS [Automated Scale/Slime Removal and Prevention systems] is an electronic water conditioner that ... more »

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LED Tube Lighting

LED Tube Lighting is a Brisbane based manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting products. We specialize in LED tubes that are a direct replacement for the T8 fluorescent ... more »

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Todae presents inventive products from all over the world that will help you enjoy a more rewarding, resource-smart and less impactful way of living. In September ... more »

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 GreenHOUS is a proudly Australian owned company dedicated to reducing energy costs, CO2 emissions, water consumption and being an active contributor to the ... more »

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Clean Technology, also referred as CleanTech defines set of technologies that optimizes or reduces the use of natural resources. It also helps reducing negative ... more »

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Energy Solutions WA

 Energy Efficiency With rising energy costs, products offering energy savings are becoming increasingly important.  Soft Starters Variable ... more »

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Western Suburbs Electrical are a Perth based electrical company. We are dedicated to customer service and committed to efficiency. We can help you save money.  ... more »

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  • led lights supplies home energy monitoring technology.   We offer the Watts Clever EW4500 and the Pipti 500 In Home Dsiplay.  Both units wirelessly ... more »

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 At Heapsofenergy we solve 3 time honoured Problems . 1. Harvest the Suns Energy with an up front payment to freeze out Electricity Price Increases over next ... more »

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Orgonium Orgone Energy Protection Products

Remove the effects of electromagnetic radiation EMF, VLF, ELF and electrification from geopathic stress and other harmful energies such as electrical wiring, ... more »

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Versaline Clotheslines

Versaline Clothelines is a Australian based, Australian owned company that supplies high quility environmental friendyly clothes lines. Having 35 years of design ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Energy Saving Devices Products

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Energy Saving Devices and Tricks Energy Saving Devices and Tricks

team here at QA Electrical works closely with our suppliers to find the best energy saving devices. We want to not only reduce costs for our community but also ... more »

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Energy Saving Refrigeration Technology Energy Saving Refrigeration Technology

- meaning that you get a much more efficient system and a lower power consumption. In fact, Smartcoolâ„¢ energy saving devices can save an average of 15% on ... more »

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The endoCude

with patented cutting edge technology, the endoCudes are energy saving devices that are able to use the food temperate to control the operation of a refrigerator ... more »

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LED Tube Lights

LED tubes that can replace the T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes without any rewiring. They use half the power of equivalent fluorescent tubes and are independently certified ... more »

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StarLux MR16 LED Downlight bulb 4.5W StarLux MR16 LED Downlight bulb 4.5W

Todae's leading LED downlight, the StarLux12v MR16 LED downlight, is a cost effective and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and save on your power bills. ... more »

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Brightgreen DR700 LED light bulb MR16 Brightgreen DR700 LED light bulb MR16

The Brightgreen DR700 is an amazing innovation in LED lighting which can replace any standard 50 watt halogen downlight globe and provide 1:1 light - but only use ... more »

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Used for Buildings, Apartments, Office Buildings, Hotels. Hospitals, Supermarkets. Shopping Centres etc. Removes scale and slime from cooling towers, chiller condensers ... more »

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Cleantech investment

Cleantech lists the products of high quality that are available for sale. You can also add your products to our list. Get the best products in the right price at ... more »

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Clean Technology

Cleantech market has association with many of top markets. Our clusters will assure proper connection with people to get ideas. We bring you the best marketing ... more »

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 Optidrive AC variable speed drives (VSDs) provide energy efficient control of electric motors in applications that include fans, pumps, industrial automation, ... more »

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WATTS Clever Power Board

 Our standby control power board is a simple way of managing your energy consumption. Each year as technology improves and prices come down, the amount of ... more »

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Energy Monitor

The Watts Clever EW4500 shows consumption from solar and smart meters. It is $65 and simple to install without an electrician. Electricity costs are constantly ... more »

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Energy Saving Roof Ventilators Energy Saving Roof Ventilators

Eco Insulation is the one to call when you need a super efficient energy saving idea for your home. Here, we suggest, installing energy saving Whirly Bird Roof ... more »

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Top 12 Energy Saving Tips Top 12 Energy Saving Tips

At the Energy Efficiency Centre, we know that many households feeling the pinch due to rising fuel and mortgage costs, an easy way to make savings is to examine ... more »

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Solar Logging

 Solar Log data logger    will provide 5 minute updated reports via email / APP world wide to protect the Feed in Tariff advantages enjoyed ... more »

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Smartcool Products for Air conditioning & Refrigeration systems

SmartCoolâ„¢ energy efficient products reduce energy costs on air conditioning & refrigeration systems without affecting temperature or humidity. The ESMâ„¢ ... more »

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Future Wave Energy Saver

The Future Wave Energy Saver is an Australian designed and owned product that can save you in most cases up to 70% on your pump electricity consumption and costs ... more »

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