Gardening Companies

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Seed Kitchen Garden

a sustainable gardening group.  We focus on creating edible gardens and wildlife habitats within the urban environment. Seed offers practical services ... more »

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  • eco farming
Brisbane Organic Growers Incorporated

Brisbane Organic Growers Incorporated (BOGI) is a nonprofit community based group run by volunteers. Brisbane Organic Growers Incorporated was formed in 1975 and ... more »

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  • eco landscaping
Tropical Plant Rentals

Welcome to the fast and easy online resource that's full of essential information on lawn mowing & gardening and outdoor care.... more »

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Green Harvest

We here at Green Harvest are proudly an Australian organic gardening company.... more »

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Spring Veggie Patch

Spring Veggie Patch is you Organic Veggie Garden.... more »

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Edible Garden Design

At Edible Garden Design we focus on backyard food production (and front yards too!). Implementing our suggestions can help you improve your gardens productivity, ... more »

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Seedsticks have eco friendly, promotional seed products. Biodegradable grow kits, seedsticks, seed packets, custom made products. Seedsticks use full colour ... more »

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Gardeners Direct

At Gardeners Direct, we focus on supplying clients with a wide diversity of quality, eco friendly and chemical free, organic gardening, pest control, eco cleaning ... more »

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  • sustainable gardening
ECO Elements

At ECO Elements, our job is weed control. We exterminate all the weeds that grow in your garden. Call ECO Elements now so we can start getting rid of you weeds.... more »

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  • eco farm
Dun-Diggin Worm Farm

Dun-Diggin Worm Farm specialises in providing you with the best worms for you needs - anything from recreational purposes to farming/gardening requirements. We ... more »

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  • worms

Ecoseeding is a specially formulated product applied via the Hydroseeding process offered by Green Lifestyle Concepts Pty Ltd and affiliates across Australia. Ecoseeding ... more »

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Heyne's Garden Centre

Heyne's Garden Centre is a 100% Native plant nursery. Come and meet our helpful team and find all your eco landscaping needs at Heyne's Garden Centre today.... more »

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Green House and Garden Centre

The Green House and Garden Centre can supply you will all your eco garden needs.... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Gardening Products

14 listed

Joraform Cultivator

to use for a lifetime. The firm stainless steel teeth are very convenient for you to work on some hard soil during gardening. There is 10% discount if you would ... more »

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  • Eco Gardens
Personal Garden Design

Garden Design helps clients to build a sustainable gardening as a organic food system, based on your own space and budget level. Our service allows you to take ... more »

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  • Sustainable Landscape Design
Green Garden and Seeding Services Green Garden and Seeding Services

seed starters and paper products.  We are also here to provide professional advise about seed varieties, gardening and plant cultivation. We are the leading ... more »

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Talk to Lyn Bagnall

Talk to Lyn Bagnall, environmental author and farmer who has published books on gardening. On the green website, she will be more than happy to answer the questions ... more »

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  • eco media
Benalla Botanica Benalla Botanica

Gardening is celebrated or rejoiced by Benalla Botanica among the designers and plantsmen, inspiring international and national speakers, tremendous gardens, and ... more »

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Cow Manure Cow Manure

We brings further than just a garden that seems beautiful, at Sydney. We prepare attractive organic gardens that have an activist impact on our natural environment. ... more »

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  • soil conditioner
Biopot Biodegradable & Compostable Grow Kit Biopot Biodegradable & Compostable Grow Kit

 The Biodegradable Grow Kit is printed on 100% recycled board using vegetable and soy based inks. The corn starch pots will break down once composted. The ... more »

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Seedsticks Biodegradable Grow Pack Seedsticks Biodegradable Grow Pack

Seedsticks are the leading manufacturer of seed related promotional products. We provide businesses with the tools to engage their clients in a sustainable cost ... more »

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Verti Drain, Turf Aeration, Empire Turf

Aeration is a service Hanceys Turf offers to all sports fields, councils, golf courses and large area. Optimum status of the healthy, lush turf can be achieved ... more »

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  • Green Gardens
Australian Native Grasses - a manual for sowing, growing and using them by IH Chivers and KA Raulings

Australian Native Grasses - a manual for sowing, growing and using them by IH Chivers and KA Raulings by Native Seeds will assist in identifying and understanding ... more »

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  • Environmentally Friendly Agriculture

Growcover Garden Eco Fabric protects seedlings and plants from many pests and bad weather. It allows sunlight, rain and air circulation which promotes growth. ... more »

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  • Eco Gardens
Herb Trolley

The Herb Trolley is a mobile herb and veggie garden that can be used in any type of eco garden situation.  Designed and hand built by artist David Hurwitz ... more »

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  • Gardening
Banksia Cherry Candles PBR Banksia Cherry Candles PBR

Austraflora's Banksia Cherry Candles is an exceptional designer plant. It is a dense, dwarf shrub (35cm x 50-60cm) with neat dark foliage, bearing massed displays ... more »

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  • Design
Fish Emulsion Fish Emulsion

Fair Dinkum Fish Emulsion is an organic based nitrogenous fertilizer with no chemical nutrients added and is suitable for general use. How to use Plants Dilution ... more »

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