Energy Saving Devices and Tricks

Energy Saving Devices and Tricks

Our team here at QA Electrical works closely with our suppliers to find the best energy saving devices. We want to not only reduce costs for our community but also less emissions for our environment. 

Our expertise in the field of lighting includes energy management, CBUS, Dynalite and BEG. 

We work with businesses and companies by perfuming energy audits of their current power and light consumptions. We will then offer cost effective solutions for them to achieve the best energy saving outcomes.  

We can help install static fluorescent dimmers. This innovative lighting system can cut your bill by up to 30%. It also has a reduction in lighting output of only 15%. It is good for large areas using fluorescent lighting.

We also recommend Combination movement and Light Level Sensors. They are designed and engineered to help turns lighting on and off as areas become occupied or vacant. They are also designed to monitor the amount of natural light into the room. That way, the powered lighting can be switched on or off in areas close to windows.

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