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Energetic Communities

Energetic Communities is a Social Enterprise developing Community Owned Renewable Energy in SEQ. We provide services in sustainable energy, sustainable food, urban ... more »

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Australian Solar Network

 Australian Solar Network is an industry directory connecting solar manufacturers, retailers, providers and consumers. Whether you’re looking to buy, ... more »

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 At Heapsofenergy we solve 3 time honoured Problems . 1. Harvest the Suns Energy with an up front payment to freeze out Electricity Price Increases over next ... more »

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Australian Electronic Water Conditioners

Welcome to Australian Electronic Water Conditioners Pty Ltd. ASRAPS [Automated Scale/Slime Removal and Prevention systems] is an electronic water conditioner that ... more »

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Sanctuary Magazine

Sanctuary is Australia?s leading magazine on sustainable homes, providing inspiration and practical solutions. Sanctuary provides you with independent, practical ... more »

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Green Bear Engineering

Green Bear Engineering provides expert auditing, project management and design solutions, individually tailored to enable businesses and organisations to cut their ... more »

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Solar Quotes Now

Solar Quotes Now is a certified Professional Installer based in Sydney, We are specialist to provide Solar Panel installation services across the Australia. We ... more »

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Switched On Lighting | Industrial Lighting

 Any business operator would know how high electricity bills can affect your budget at the end of the month. At Switched On Lighting, we provide the best lighting ... more »

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Orgone Effects Australia

Orgone Effects Australia is a Victoria based company that specialises in building energetics. We provide Geopathic Stress/Sick Building Syndrome surveys on all ... more »

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Energy Smart

Live energy smart and work energy smart tips, guides and advice.... more »

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Third Ecology Architects

Third Ecology Architects are multi award winning, experienced and practical sustainability architects who specialise in: Full and partial architecture services, ... more »

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Savant Energy

Savant Energy is a dedicated and trusted advisor for organizations and companies in Australia as it provides its clients with the perfect energy strategies and ... more »

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State of the Environment Report

Home Energy Information online. Independent advice from the state government on ways to reduce household energy use and choose renewable options... more »

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Cambro Hydronic Heating

Cambro Hydronic Heating has earned its name in supplying cost effective and energy saving devices for winter solution. It provides a range of water boilers, hydronic ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Energy Advice Products

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Energy Management Services Energy Management Services

Here at Boss Electrotek, we offer services in Energy Management.  Solar is not the only way to reduce your rising energy bills. In fact, for many homes, a ... more »

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Carbon Accounting

  Carbon Footprints, Action Plans and Offsets With the increased awareness of climate change, increasing costs of energy and the introduction of the price ... more »

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Save on your Power Consumption with an Energy Audit Save on your Power Consumption with an Energy Audit

One of the questions we get asked a lot here at STS Services is how do I save money on energy bills without making a big investment in to alternate energy sources ... more »

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Energy Saving Devices and Tricks Energy Saving Devices and Tricks

Our team here at QA Electrical works closely with our suppliers to find the best energy saving devices. We want to not only reduce costs for our community but also ... more »

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Energy Audits

Green Bear Engineering conducts Level 1, 2 and 3 energy audits in accordance with Australian Standard 3598, tailored to meet energy consevation needs on an individual ... more »

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Project Management

Green Bear Engineering provides project management services from conception to implementation and beyond. We manage projects in a way that ensures our clients are ... more »

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Commerical Energy Efficiency Audit Commerical Energy Efficiency Audit

Enviren’s Energy Assessment team has services in certified and comprehensive energy assessments for commercial buildings. We can assist any business - from ... more »

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LED lighting

LED lights can save you up to 85% off your energy consumption compared with halogen lights. They are also much safer for your work environment. LED lights last ... more »

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Induction Lighting

One of the technologies that we use is called induction lighting. Induction lighting is one of the best options for industrial, commercial and municipal organisations ... more »

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Power factor correction

The Powerworx ubit will prevent Surges damaging  inductive powered electrical units. 2. Reduce EMF [ Electro magnetic Fog . 3. Reduce wasted electricity  ... more »

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Building Inspection Services Building Inspection Services

For the calm of mind you required an independent building inspection to guard the investment in your home. Jack Metcalf's pre-purchase inspections for home buyers ... more »

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