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past, we have produced the first true 5+ star retrofit for existing homes. ecoMaster is an Australian leader in climate change solutions and sustainability  ... more »

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Eco Voice

At Eco Voice, you can share eco info and find out about impacts of climate change. Everybody at Eco Voice has the right to say what they want about the env... more »

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CJR Solutions Sustainable Homes and Community Wellbeing

preparing for climate changeDoes your community group or school need assistance with heatwave response planning, a climate change community project or grant application?CJR ... more »

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  • sustainable homes
Kimachi Media

Website devoted to renewable energy and climate change solutions.... more »

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Beyond Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions started in 2006 due to our concern that the stated climate change goals of other environmental organisations at the time contradicted the science.  ... more »

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Hatch Generation

responsibility in your public image; Respect and Trust in the consumer market place; An Action Plan for Climate... more »

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Peninsula Zero Waste

Change on the Mornington Peninsula. IMPORTANT INFORMATION RELATING TO CLIMATE CHANGE CONVERSATIONSDue to the overwhelming success of our first two Climate Change ... more »

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Climate Managers

Managers is an eco consultation firm that provides climate change management advisory services - from policy and strategy right through to technical engineering ... more »

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Monash Sustainability Institute

The Monash Sustainability Institute (MSI) is a multi-disciplinary, cross-faculty institute. We deliver solutions to key climate change and sustainability issues ... more »

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At Context, we specialise in strategic environmental planning, green research and consultation for heritage, environment and community projects. Our reliable consultancy ... more »

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In early 2010, Mansfield’s Propagation Nursery, Australia’s multi-Award winning propagation nursery, acquired Austraflora Pty Ltd from Bill Molyneux ... more »

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Climate Bridge

Climate Bridge is a world-leading emission reduction project developer and carbon offset wholesaler.  As a project developer, it is close to the projects and ... more »

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Conergy - a global leader in solar power, solar hot water and wind power generation.Conergy Pty Ltd, with headquarters in Sydney and state offices around Australia, ... more »

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Simplygreen Salary Packaging

Simplygreen Salary Packaging is committed to providing customers with flexible salary packaging solutions with minimal impact on the environment. Simplygreen?s ... more »

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Climate Positive

Climate Positive is a not-for-profit group working with eco businesses and households for real and long-term global warming solutions.  Climate Positive works ... more »

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Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau of Meteorology has the role of researching environmental changes and to predict tomorrow's weather for you. Call us or email us at the Bureau ... more »

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Parkwood Pellet Fires

The Superior Range of Parkwood Wood Pellet Fires enables you to enjoy the unparalleled heat and ambiance of an affordable real eco wood fire without the usual hassles ... more »

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  • eco wood
Energy Efficiency Matrix

Efficiency Matrix are helping to reduce Australia's operational footprint. Efficiency Matrix offer affordable and eco solutions for reducing reducing home heating, ... more »

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  • energy saver halogen
Alternative Fuels and Energy

Conventional heating and cooling systems are often cheap to purchase but expensive to run. Why not allow nature to do some of the work, saving both money and carbon ... more »

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  • energy
Permaculture Pathways

Permaculturez Pathways help you achieve your sustainability goals through intelligent and practical design. As energy costs increase due to peak oil, resource depletion ... more »

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Greenfleet Australia

Greenfleet is a registered environmental charity, encouraging people to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and then offset any remaining emissions by planting ... more »

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Green Light Couriers

Green Light Couriers is a same day courier service based in Melbourne. We have made a public commitment to helping the environment by working with Greenfleet to ... more »

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McMats Recycled Carpets

McMats are accidental heroes when it comes to contributing to the environment. In 17 years of carpet recycling McMats estimates that it has helped save the environment ... more »

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Onergy provide innovative, energy efficient  products for the commercial and industrial markets . Their endoCube, is a patented food simulant accredited by ... more »

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Factor Ten

Factor Ten is dedicated to working with organisations to develop their sustainability strategy into a pro-active, innovative and empowering business strategy.Factor ... more »

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Micro Shack Australia

Low in Power but High in Perfromance Energy Star 5.0 complient computer systems, bulit locally in Melbourne. - for those truly serious about doing the right thing. ... more »

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  • clean computers
Pedal Power Adz

Pedal Power Adz was founded by Donald Baigent.Donald who is a strong believer in sustainable living, had seen Advertising on scooters, trucks and large outdoor ... more »

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  • climate
Phillips Fox - Environment

DLA Phillips Fox, one of the largest law firms in Australasia, has an exclusive alliance with DLA Piper, one of the largest legal services organisations in the ... more »

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  • climate
Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainable Business Practices? experienced consultants help corporate and government organisations improve sustainability to build lasting competitive advantage. ... more »

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EcoGeneration is a bi-monthly magazine that covers important developments in the sustainable energy industry, provides updates on new projects, as well as profiles ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Climate Change Products

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Climate Change & Sea Level Rise Climate Change & Sea Level Rise

numerical modelling, planning and impact assessments, and coastal engineering. One of the services we offer is Climate Change and Sea Level Rise consultancy. Here ... more »

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  • Climate
Climate Change Community Preparation

Planning and Preparing for Climate Change is now necessary. Does your community group need assistance with researching the impact of climate change upon your community? ... more »

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  • Community Planning
Climate positive

Positive is a not-for-profit association offering the most recent climate change news, online carbon calculators, emission reduction auditing, high-quality carbon ... more »

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  • Carbon Emissions
Conergy Small wind power systems Conergy Small wind power systems

Conergy is the exclusive authorised wholesale distributor of Proven Energy wind power products within Australia. The result of 25 years of research and development, ... more »

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  • Wind Power Systems
Provision of carbon offsets

Climate Bridge sells carbon credits (Verified Carbon Units and Gold Standard voluntary emission reductions) to companies wishing to offset their emissions or provide ... more »

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  • Carbon Neutral
Books & Cds The Floating World Of Pack Ice Books & Cds The Floating World Of Pack Ice

Pack ice, or sea ice is a layer of frozen seawater on the top of the polar oceans, unreliable in width from a few centimetres to 10s of metres. ECOS Magazine maximum ... more »

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Green Energy For Your Business

AGL Green Energy has Energy Generators of Australia sources that may include wind, hydro, solar and biomass. Choosing Green Power accredited AGL Green Energy for ... more »

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  • Eco-businesses
Carbon Offsets

Climate Bridge is a world-leading carbon offset business from its portfolio of over 200 emission reductions projects. Climate Bridge develops projects across ... more »

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  • Carbon
Sunrize solar collectors Sunrize solar collectors

Reliable solar hot water free from the sun..... 1.The solar collectors are the crucial constituent of a Sunflow Solar hot water solution. 2.The second part of ... more »

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Halogen Mitt

Efficiency Matrix flagship product the Halogen Mitt, provides a significant improvement in improving the efficiency of Australian homes. Households can save upto ... more »

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  • Eco Lighting
EASE™ - emissions accounting solutions

EASE™ has been designed to measure Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions using best practice national and international accounting methodologies ... more »

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Halogen Downlight Mitt

Downlights provide great light and look elegant but they turn your roof into swiss cheese with regards to heating, cooling, fire-proofing and sound-proofing. This ... more »

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  • Eco Downlights
GreenPower from Origin Energy

Origin Energy GreenPower products were rated as Australia’s best in the market by Green Electricity Watch - the body of Australia’s leading environmental ... more »

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  • Solar Energy

The forests we plant do more than take carbon from the environment. We plant a wide variety of native trees in permanent forests that help to reduce salinity and ... more »

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Balance3 is happy to be President of AWARE once again for 2007. So what do we have to do this year? As I write this report I reflect upon the massive shift in public ... more »

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Australia And Papua New Guinea Australia And Papua New Guinea

Civil society groups have called on the Governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea to undertake the drivers of deforestation when they argue the Australia-PNG ... more »

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  • Eco Timber
Wind Powered Renewable Energy Wind Powered Renewable Energy

Wind powered Renewable Energy provide a great source of clean and sustainable source for all your facilities. It is also fantastic for feeding excess approved power ... more »

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  • Wind Energy

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