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The Tank Shop

The Tank Shop sells water tanks for all needs. In an ever changing climate, with today's focus on tomorrow, Tankshop has a range of quality water storage solution's, ... more »

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Professional Strawbale

Mark and Cathy Dearricott have been fascinated by and working in sustainable building and community development for most of the past fifteen years. As a young man ... more »

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Starfish Ventures

venture capital investing, entrepreneurship and technology gives us the skills to navigate the challenges of seeding, building and managing high growth technology ... more »

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Building your dream home, a garage, a shed, a wall, a store, a school or an office? Small or large, square or round, simple or sophisticated, residential, recreational, ... more »

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aims to develop and market sustainable alternatives to rainforest timbers currently used within the building industry. Our eco decking and fencing products provide ... more »

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Independent Cement & Lime

Independent cement, steel cement, building products supplies.... more »

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The Mud Brick Circus

Quality mudbricks and short courses on building with and making mudbricks.... more »

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Austral Bricks

Bricks is one of Australia's largest producers of building products including bricks, pavers, retaining wall blocks, coloured masonry bocks and terracotta façade ... more »

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Anvill Strawbale

to know that you can build a straw bale house! Straw bale construction is one of the most intriguing methods of building that I have had the pleasure to be involved ... more »

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Unicorn House

Unicorn House Architecture & Building, Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Building firm located in Daylesford, Australia. Working with strawbale... more »

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Renew Magazine

Published quarterly, ReNew: technology for a sustainable future, features the latest in sustainable building practice, renewable energy and water conservation. ... more »

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Renovators Warehouse

Spanning over 2 acres, situated in Golden Square, Bendigo Victoria. Renovators Warehouse is your secondhand building materials specialist. Trading 6 days per week, ... more »

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A & R Secondhand Dealers

A&R Secondhand Dealers in Melbourne sell second hand building materials from our three acres of recycled, new, factory seconds and surplus building material... more »


    Kilargo helps our customers and clients make the right choices for the best buildings. We are all about provinding simple and smart solutions to building integrity, ... more »

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    AC Paul Constructions

    Paul, the director of A. C. Paul Constructions is a registered building practitioner with over 20 years experience in architect designed commercial and residential ... more »

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    Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

    stakeholder relationships. ACCSR is an Australia‚Äôs leading management consultancy wholly dedicated to building competitive advantage and stakeholder ... more »

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    Alternative Fuels and Energy

    more about our products to determine which may be right for your home, office or industrial, commercial or community... more »

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    Irwinconsult - Environmental Design Solutions

    is one of the leading engineering consultant companies for building design and construction in Australia.   We specialise in creative, client-focussed design ... more »

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    Country Spray Render

    has been used as a building material since prehistoric times, as a component of roofs; in structural walls; and as an excellent insulation material. At Country ... more »

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    Spowers Melbourne

    in projects throughout Australia and internationally. Spowers has won the Banksia Award for Leadership in Sustainable Building Design, the Australian Property Institute ... more »

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    Building a kit home can be an affordable and quick housing option for families. They are common in regional areas, where traditional building can involve long lead ... more »

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    Geelong Restorers Barn

    We here at Geelong Restorers Barn produce quality eco building products.... more »

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    Clayton Brick & Timber Salvage

    Salvage is an Aussie green company based in the city of Clayton, Victoria.  We are a supplier of great quality building products of both brick and timber that ... more »

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    Armacell Australia

    cold pipes. Armaflex has zero ODP, and is manufactured without CFC's or HCFC's to comply with the requirements of Green Building... more »

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    Bead Foods

    by the incorporation of an onsite laboratory, full time microbiologists and food technology/product developers.The building of new facilities accompanied the amalgamation. ... more »

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    Post and Beam

    at Post and Beam, we have had more than 35 years experience building post and beam houses that are perfect for you and the environment.While being top eco builders, ... more »

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    Build Find

     BUILD FIND - Unbeatable Prices On Building Supplies.  Delivery Australia wide within 24 hrs.  Eco friendly Insulation, Plasterboard, Water Tanks, ... more »

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    Working Dog Construction

    Appealing, affordable, environmentally sustainable quality solutions to your building needs.... more »

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    Eco Building Systems

    Eco Buildings Systems supplies customers with great services in residential and commercial building. At Eco Buildings Systems, we also offer on the job training, ... more »

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    G Store

    We here at G Store are the go-to location for tradies and home renovators seeking green building and eco plumbing products for all your eco construction ... more »

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    Sustain Show Green Expo

    Building Products

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    Master Builder Magazine Master Builder Magazine

    members. The magazine includes updates on government policy and economic factors that affect the every day procedure of building... more »

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    Energy Efficient Building and Designs Energy Efficient Building and Designs

    a deciding factor these days.  Many of our clients have engaged us to build their next home or to carry out other building projects because of our great service, ... more »

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    Buying and building made easy Buying and building made easy

    properties provide services which made easy to buying lands and building a home. At Villawood we have same aim to follow to make your buying experience an exhilarating ... more »

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     Pressed earth bricks that are air dried have low embodied energy, are a healthy building material, have a high fire rating no achemical additives and recycle ... more »

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    How to tell if your builder is a Green Builder How to tell if your builder is a Green Builder

    at Sustainabylt, we are committed to being green and ethical in our approach to building and construction. However, how do we know exactly that a building is indeed ... more »

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    Services4 Services4

    it is required. 4. Country Spray Render provides free recommendation. 5. They run economical workshops on straw bale building. 6. They provide interpretation ... more »

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    Clinker - Red Blue Bricks

    supplier of recycled bricks and pavers.Toby's Recycled Bricks'S product Clinker bricks or Red / Blues are good for building the classic federation style house or ... more »

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    Eco Fibreglass Doors

    doors also possess excellent thermal performance which helps conserve energy and lower the overall energy cost of a building substantially.  If you wish to ... more »

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    Sunrize solar collectors Sunrize solar collectors

    3.To detain the heat energy from the sun a Cubic Solution's Sunrize solar satellite dish is mounted onto the roof of a building. 4.These collectors are perfect ... more »

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    KidsonRoof Totem Building Cards Eco Friendly Toys

    these Eco-Friendly Kidsonroof Totem building cards unleash your child's creative potential. These Eco Friendly Toys are three dimensional building with super sturdy ... more »

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    Fr_Armaflex Fr_Armaflex

    ensures certification is up-to-date and materials comply with changes in legislation.The technical requirements for building design are regulated by reference to ... more »

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    has been in service in the building and Industrial Sectors since 1969.IN 1992, a department devoted to squander administration and reprocessing was established. ... more »

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    Eco Friendly Building Design Services Eco Friendly Building Design Services

    Design and Energy Consulting is here to provide top quality construction and eco friendly building design services. We specialise in homes across Wodonga, Albury ... more »

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    Murphy's Construction & Maintenance is an eco building and construction company that saves your time by providing multiple trade specialties in a single stop. ... more »

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    are important for shading the home from the sun and warmth that otherwise may not be wanted to enter the house and eco building. We have premium top-of-the-range ... more »

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    Garsy Greenwall Service

    Garsy Greenwall Service provides green landscaping and sustainable building to aged care facilities, shopping centres, office buildings, public gardens and apartments. ... more »

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    Services1 Services1

    providing free consultancy to builders and architects. 8. Country Spray Render runs economical workshops on straw bale building. 9. They are experts in lime renders. ... more »

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