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Eco Garden & Lawn Maintenance

Eco Garden & Lawn Maintenance can assist with most situations involving domestic and commercial gardening and lawn requirements and solutions.... more »

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  • eco gardening
Brisbane Organic Growers Incorporated

Brisbane Organic Growers Incorporated (BOGI) is a nonprofit community based group run by volunteers. Brisbane Organic Growers Incorporated was formed in 1975 and ... more »

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  • environmental management –
  • eco landscaping

The GArden Wizards

Gardening and mowing services specialising in magical mini garden makeovers... more »

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  • green landscape
Roar Food

Do exciting catering options (esp. vegan and vegetarian) and regular workshops on raw food and edible gardening (Herb... more »

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Sustainable Building Systems

Sustainable Building are focused on desingin and building work and living spaces that are are kind to the natural environment. We specialise in the design and ... more »

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  • recycled
Go Green at Home

We provide a range of eco friendly products that are safe for our family and yours that are both effective and affordable. BPA FREE, FAIR TRADE, VEGAN FRIENDLY ... more »

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  • eco homes –
  • natural products
Edible Garden Design Pty Ltd

We assist the average person in their transition to incorporate sustainable food systems in their own space at their own pace & budget level. You can also use ... more »

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  • garden –
  • eco gardening
Edible Garden Design

At Edible Garden Design we focus on backyard food production (and front yards too!). Implementing our suggestions can help you improve your gardens productivity, ... more »

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  • food
A-Force Gardens - A-Force Gardens - Garden Maintenance - Garden Landscaping - High Pressure Cleaning - Gold Coast ... more »

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  • green agriculture

Treehenge plans to repair habitats across Australia. Our first plantation is at Gladfield in the Condamine River Basin, a region that is one of Queensland’s ... more »

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  • native plants

Conergy - a global leader in solar power, solar hot water and wind power generation.Conergy Pty Ltd, with headquarters in Sydney and state offices around Australia, ... more »

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  • green energy –
  • energy
Whitsunday Organic B & B

Whitsunday Organic B & B is an environmentally friendly lodging nestled in a tropical organic garden in Airlie Beach overlooking the beautiful Whitsunday Islands ... more »

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  • green accomodation –
  • green accommodation
Wormtec worm farming and vermiculture

we are a family owned and operated commercial worm farm and leading producer in Australia of environmentally friendly biology based natural organic worm derived ... more »

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  • farming –
  • eco farming

Seedsticks have eco friendly, promotional seed products. Biodegradable grow kits, seedsticks, seed packets, custom made products. Seedsticks use full colour ... more »

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  • eco farming –
  • seeding
IEQ Indoor Plants

IEQ Indoor Plants is NIPA accredited indoor plant hire  Brisbane, Caboolture and Gold Coast.Our interior plant services supplies office plants to hotels and ... more »

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  • native nurseries
Recycle and Composting Equipment

Recycle & Composting Equipment have been supplying Australia and New Zealand with up to date waste disposal and recycling information and equipment since 1998 ... more »

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  • eco recycling
Groundgrocer is the world's premium secure online shop for composting products, compost tea brewers, monitoring equipment, microscopes and bioactive soil additives ... more »

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  • compost companies
Productive Gardens

Productive Gardens core aim is to produce products that help city communities supplement their diet with fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit that have been grown ... more »

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  • vegetable –
  • growing
Sustainable Organics (Wooshaway)

We provide organic solutions for land rehabilitation and sewerage waste management. Our enclosed composting system is state of the art ? it produces a high quality ... more »

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  • art –
  • eco art
Swag Industries

This effective hanging Swag uses the power of Worms to turn your kitchen and garden waste into rich solid fertilizer.Soft but durable, the SWAG stacks flat for ... more »

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  • farming –
  • eco farming
Vital Resource Management

VRM manufactures great quality Bio-Tech formulations for soil and water remediation. Services include: Odour Control, Waste Treatment, Bio-Fertilisers, Compost ... more »

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  • waste recycling –
  • green waste treatment
Tommy Toe Organics

We are a small, family owned indoor plant hire company. We provide top quality plants and service in the Sydney Metropolitan area.... more »

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  • eco agriculture –
  • green landscaping
Anembo Consultants

Anembo consultants is a multi project award winning landscape architectural consultancy with expertise in environmental sciences and landscape construction management.  ... more »

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  • eco landscaping –
  • eco agriculture
Aromatrix Australia

Aromatrix is a Singaporean home-grown organization specializing in environmental engineering solutions, odour management and control. We offer a comprehensive range ... more »

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  • environmental assessment –
  • eco engineers
Northey Street City Farm

Northey Street City Farm is a non-profit community eco organisation in Windsor, Brisbane. Since 1994, over 1500 Australian flora such as: native fruit trees, bushtucker ... more »

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  • farming –
  • eco farming

We here at Herbalistics are a medicinal plant eco nursery located in Queensland. We specialise in sourcing and growing rare and diffcult-to-propagate plants, both ... more »

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  • native nurseries –
  • native nursery

AquaSmart is a small company dedicated to saving the environment through a practical educational solution. We bring practical solutions for our water crisis to ... more »

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  • eco education
Eden Seeds

Old traditional vegetable seeds are what we offer here at Eden Seeds. Our seeds have no GMO's and no chemical treatment, so come to Eden Seeds for good old ... more »

  • vegetable –
  • seeding –
  • chemical make up
Eco Garden Designer

Eco Garden Design is an independent company based in the Caboolture Shire, just north of Brisbane, Queensland. Our creative team is committed to design excellence ... more »

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  • project –
  • eco
Enviro Landscaping Supplies and Services

Enviro Landscaping Supplies and Services offers top-of-the-range environmentally friendly landscaping services. We also provide the most reliable supplies you need ... more »

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  • green landscaping
Sustain Show Green Expo

Gardening Products

44 listed

Soap Nuts and Powder Soap Nuts and Powder

baby clothes and nappies, delicates and silks, woollens, towels and muddy bathmats and even sweaty work clothes from... more »

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  • Bamboo
Personal Garden Design

Garden Design helps clients to build a sustainable gardening as a organic food system, based on your own space and budget level. Our service allows you to take ... more »

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  • Eco Garden Design –
  • Sustainable Landscape Design
Gardening Australia Magazine Gardening Australia Magazine

Australia Magazine is the number-one selling gardening title magazine in the country. Based on the ABC television show, Riverfestival's Gardening Australia ... more »

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  • Magazine
Sustainable Food Sustainable Food

FoEA Sustainable Food is providing HOPE Company and also Agriculture Project addresses concern of community integrity and environmental sustainability in existing ... more »

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  • Agriculture –
  • Eco Agriculture
University 50th Anniversary University 50th Anniversary

As part of Monash University's high-status 50th Anniversary Public Lecture Series, the Faculty of Engineering brings an appropriate and relevant forum on, Sustainable ... more »

  • Eco Engineers –
  • Green Engineers –
  • Sustainable Engineers
Garden landcaping Garden landcaping

A-Force Gardens is a Gold Coast based group of experienced gardeners who always have the environment and customers' interests on mind. We can perform all garden ... more »

  • Eco Landscaping –
  • Green Agriculture –
  • Green Landscaping
Garden Maintenance Garden Maintenance

A-Force Gardens is a Gold Coast based group of experienced gardeners who always have the environment and customers' interests on mind. We can perform all gardenmaintenance ... more »

  • Eco Landscaping –
  • Green Agriculture –
  • Green Landscaping
E Raft E Raft

Tidal and waves are the main causes for erosion of foreshore, aquaculture and aquaculture and Ecoflex is used to give protection against that erosion Ecoflex system ... more »

  • aquaculture –
  • timber –
  • wind
Bamboo Hair Brush Bamboo Hair Brush

The Eco-Friendly BAMBOO Hair Brush is a professional brush made from Bamboo including handle and bristles Bamboo is stronger, lighter & more durable than Wood ... more »

  • Biodegradable Products –
  • Natural Products –
  • Sustainable Products
High Pressure Cleaning

Welcome to A-Force Gardens, we do all Garden services in Gold Coast. Our aim is to make you look good. Warning Hazardous areas can cause serious personal injury, ... more »

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  • Eco Landscaping –
  • Green Landscaping
Feature Gardens Feature Gardens

Located at the heart of the expo, the gardens showcase excellence in design and horticultural techniques has the latest in landscaping materials and trends The ... more »

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  • native landscape design –
  • eco landscaping
The Australian Water Map The Australian Water Map

The Australian Water Map is reserve for those people who are conscious in water-related issues that are specialized and want to help prepare solutions for key water ... more »

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  • Wetlands Australia –
  • Eco Watering Solutions
Composting Toilet System Composting Toilet System

One of our products here at Solar and Sat is the Composting Toilet System.  Not to be confused with chemical toilets, composting systems are completely odour-free. ... more »

  • Compost –
  • Eco Compost –
  • Sustainable Compost
Support for the D.I.Y. Gardener

At Eco Garden Designer, we offer a wide variety of services that aim to achieve support for the D.I.Y. gardener and and eco landscaping projects. We offer consultation ... more »

  • Eco Design –
  • Eco Landscaping –
  • Green Landscaping
Landscape Designs

At Edible Garden Design, our landscape artists and eco architects offer great eco landscaping services to enhance the beauty of your property. It's eco design that's ... more »

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  • eco landscaping –
  • eco design
The Brown Bear F Series Forest Mulcher The Brown Bear F Series Forest Mulcher

The Brown Bear F Series Forest Mulcher is FS4000 & FS5000 from Recycle & Composting Equipment will diminish trees from 10-12 inches in width to mulch. The ... more »

  • Eco Recycling –
  • Recycle –
  • Compost
Urban Planters

 The Urban range of planters are designed for the modern office. There are many kinds of Urban Planters:  Urban Partion Planters, Urban 8 Planters for ... more »

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  • Native Nurseries –
  • Eco Landscape

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