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Landcare Solutions

We hosts programs and workshops to promote eco gardening and landscape solutions.... more »

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  • Eco Gardening

Boyup Brook, where people of all ages feel welcome. Our dream is to provide a safe and healthy place where we can enjoy gardening as a social activity. We will ... more »

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Go Green at Home

We provide a range of eco friendly products that are safe for our family and yours that are both effective and affordable. BPA FREE, FAIR TRADE, VEGAN FRIENDLY ... more »

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The Green Life Soil Co

Here at The Green Life Soil Co, we are manufacturers of certified organic soils & improvers. We also stock soil amendment minerals (eg. bentonite, zeolite, ... more »

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Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association

The WA Sustainable Energy Association (WA SEA) is Australia‚Äôs largest energy chamber with over 350 business enterprises. WA SEA members come from a diversity ... more »

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Australian Native Nurseries Group

Welcome to our new Website! We grow over 800 different species of Australian plants including trees, shrubs, wildflowers, groundcovers, grasses, rushes, sedges ... more »

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Ecosystem Management Services

At Ecosystem Management Services, we have extensive experience in the field of rehabilitation and revegetation. Our services have been utilised in areas that have ... more »

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  • green landscaping

Conergy - a global leader in solar power, solar hot water and wind power generation.Conergy Pty Ltd, with headquarters in Sydney and state offices around Australia, ... more »

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At Source Organics

At Source Organics feature locally grown and certified organic produce. We stock, retail and distribute healthy and nutritious fruits, vegetables, seeds various ... more »

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  • green agriculture

A premium range of organically manufactured composts, mulches & soil-conditioners is what is on offer here at Bio-Organics.... more »

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  • green agriculture
Sustainable Development Facilitation

Community Economic and Environmental Development, Strategic Planning and Implementation... more »

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  • eco landscaping
Tallyho Farm

Tally Ho Farm is one of the largest equestrian stores in the UK. We have a full range of saddlery, tack, clothing and equestrian equipment, plus we operate... more »

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  • eco farming
Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

The Premier's Climate Change Action Statement, released in May 2007, outlined a range of initiatives to address climate change in Western Australia. A key tool ... more »

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  • climate
Men Of The Trees

Men of the Trees in WA is a not-for-profit, eco Incorporated Association that was first established founded in 1979.  Since then, we have planted more than ... more »

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  • environmental planning
O2wear Bamboo Clothing

O2wear  is an Australian online retailer specialising in women's bamboo clothing. Our everyday basics range includes leggings, camis, tanks, tees & long ... more »

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  • bamboo
Architect Gerard Siero

As your architects, Architect Gerard Siero are committed to creatively helping you make the most of your project, with architecture, environmental and solar analysis, ... more »

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  • eco building
Ecoscape Australia

Ecoscape Australia is an innovative and respected professional consultancy firm that provides services in the fields of environmental science, landscape architecture ... more »

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  • eco landscaping
Weatherworks Australia Sustainability Store

Weatherworks Australia - the Sustainability Store has a large range of sustainable home and garden products for a changing world including raised garden beds, self-watering ... more »

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  • sustainable products
Syrinx Environmental PL

sustainable development | water treatment | restoration + remediation | ecological assessment | landscapes | builtscapes.... more »

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  • landscaping
Doctor Goodness

We realize here at Doctor Goodness that salinisation of Australia's landscape has progressed at a rate and extent that significant built and natural assets are ... more »

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  • eco data analysis
Sustainable Transport Coalition of WA

Eco Compost and pot plant aerator.... more »

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Jarrett Indoor Plant Hire

Jarrett Indoor Plant Hire is a company that provides office plant hire. We are based in Adelaide but we provide services all across Australia in the major ... more »

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  • eco agriculture
Gardeners Direct

At Gardeners Direct, we focus on supplying clients with a wide diversity of quality, eco friendly and chemical free, organic gardening, pest control, eco cleaning ... more »

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  • sustainable gardening
John Walters' Veggiepatch

Suppliers of GrowCover the almost perfect row cover plus hooop house frames and special garden clips and clamps;Protects your plants from most damage causing insects, ... more »

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  • plant protection –
  • insect netting
Zeus Appollo Solar

Zeus Appollo Solar searches the world to bring the best solar energy products together for you. We work with manufacturers to ensure all Australian Standards and ... more »

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  • green energy –
  • solar
Zanthorrhoea Nursery

Based in Western Austrlia, Zanthorrea Nursery is a family owned eco native nursery garden that owns more than 600 variesties of Australian plants. We also operates ... more »

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  • native nurseries –
  • eco native nursery
Style Plantation - Joondalup

Style Plantation offers a revolutionary range of renewable and sustainable products including bamboo flooring, composite screening and decking ? wall ... more »

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  • natural products
Mt Lawley Wholefoods

Mount Lawley Whole Foods is one of the oldest established Organic Food retailers (ORGAA certified) established on Mt Lawley in 1995.  We are proud ... more »

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  • certified organic –
  • fruit
Eco Tree Pruning Specialists

We offer top quality professional tree care. Why do we do that? Well, because we seriously care at Eco Tree Pruning Specialists, At Eco Tree Pruning Specialists, ... more »

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  • eco waste treatment –
  • trees
City Farm

City Farm is an organic community garden, education and network centre that operates on permaculture principles. We promote healthy urban environments that are ... more »

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  • organic farming
Sustain Show Green Expo

Gardening Products

19 listed

Soap Nuts and Powder Soap Nuts and Powder

baby clothes and nappies, delicates and silks, woollens, towels and muddy bathmats and even sweaty work clothes from... more »

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  • Bamboo
Bamboo Hair Brush Bamboo Hair Brush

The Eco-Friendly BAMBOO Hair Brush is a professional brush made from Bamboo including handle and bristles Bamboo is stronger, lighter & more durable than Wood ... more »

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  • Sustainable Products
Minerals and soil amendments

We carry a wide range of soil amendment products to help with deficiences and overcome imbalances. ... more »

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  • Eco Gardening
The Australian Native Nurseries Group

The situated in the Perth village of Oakford which is retailing nursery equipment and open whole 7 days in a week throughout the year excluding for the 25th December ... more »

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  • Perth
Certified Organic soil mixes

Contain a wide range of nutrition, minerals, trace elements, beneficial microbes to ensure healthy plant growth.... more »

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  • Garden
The MAF Composting System The MAF Composting System

At C-Wise, we feature the MAF (Mobile Aerated Floor) composting system. This is a proven low emission solution for municipal, food, agricultural and industrial ... more »

  • Compost –
  • Eco Compost –
  • Sustainable Compost
The Malleefowl Mound The Malleefowl Mound

Malleefowl Preservation Group is a green business that offers 9-11 months for each year building and preserving a huge incubation heap of soil, vegetation and twigs. ... more »

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  • Compost –
  • Eco Compost
Walpole Wilderness And Tree Top Walk Walpole Wilderness And Tree Top Walk

Out of Sight, tours specialize in small group and private 4WD charters through the South West region of Western Australia. Located not so far from Margaret River, ... more »

  • Trees –
  • Green Tree –
  • Tourism
EMS is Perth's leading specialist EMS is Perth's leading specialist

Ecosystem Management Services (EMS) still maintains their focus to offer a huge verity of top class rush and sedge species, although the business now offers an ... more »

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  • Landscaping Service
Mulching and erosion control Mulching and erosion control

GHEMS Renegotiation Environmental has an imposing track record in the use of mulch and other surface treatments to provide the best possible growing conditions ... more »

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  • Eco Garden
The TumbleTainer

At Source Organics, TumbleTainer is a turning, aerated 13-metre container, which hasten and optimizes fertilize-ring in restricted circumstances. At foundation ... more »

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  • Eco Compost
DEC Enforcement and Prosecution Policy DEC Enforcement and Prosecution Policy

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk(EPP) supplies the Department of Environment and Conservation with an developed resources to endorse and attain optimistic environmental ... more »

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  • conservation
Certified organic heirloom seeds

At Merri Bee, we sell certified organic heirloon seeds; non-hybrid seeds of useful permaculture plant that make great for seeding. Our eco seed suppliers only produce ... more »

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  • seeding
Food Food

Many people, having risen through the economic development curve, and will consume diets far higher in protein - in the cases of China and India, three to five ... more »

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  • Fresh Water
The VermiTainerT

At Source Organics' VermiTainerT is a partially automatic, climate restricted young insect farmhouses that renovate composted substance into worm castings or liquid ... more »

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  • Eco Compost
Center Of Water Reserch Services

The Centre for Water Research (CWR) offers a verity of quality research services for the administration of the aquatic environment.We have the team of professional ... more »

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  • eco research

Growcover Garden Eco Fabric protects seedlings and plants from many pests and bad weather. It allows sunlight, rain and air circulation which promotes growth. ... more »

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  • Eco Gardens

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