Agriculture and Farming in WA

Agriculture and Farming Companies

44 listed

Organic Farming Systems

Organic farming consultancy and supplier of natural fertilisers.... more »

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Tallyho Farm

Tally Ho Farm is one of the largest equestrian stores in the UK. We have a full range of saddlery, tack, clothing and equestrian equipment, plus we operate... more »

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  • eco farming

Sustainable Development Facilitation

Community Economic and Environmental Development, Strategic Planning and Implementation... more »

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  • eco landscaping
Syrinx Environmental PL

sustainable development | water treatment | restoration + remediation | ecological assessment | landscapes | builtscapes.... more »

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Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association

The WA Sustainable Energy Association (WA SEA) is Australia’s largest energy chamber with over 350 business enterprises. WA SEA members come from a diversity ... more »

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Peel Preservation Group

This website shares many of its news items and articles with the PPG magazine, The Preservation Times. Contributions from interested people are always welcome. ... more »

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ABM Landscaping

ABM Landscaping is a local, family run enterprise that began in 2000 when Aaron Trew began operating as a sole trader specializing in providing quality boutique ... more »


    Gardenup is a biodynamic community farm. Biodynamic farming is an advanced organic method in which no artificial fertilisers or chemical sprays are used. We believe ... more »

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    Merri Bee Organic Farm

    Welcome to Merri Bee Organic Farm, a place of peace and plenty. We are making rain by planting food forests, rehydrating  and revegetating landscapes with ... more »

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    • eco agriculture –
    • eco landscape
    Permaculture Applications Consultancy & Education

    We have a wide range of bicycles, covering BMX, Mountain, Comfort, Youth and Road Bikes. Our focus is on the family market, selling to independent bicycle dealers ... more »

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    Organic product from Perth, plus selected country WA towns.... more »

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    Albany Farmers' Market

    The philosophy behind Albany Farmers' Market is to provide producers in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia with a regular weekly direct outlet ... more »

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    • eco marketing
    Future Farm Industries CRC

    We here at Future Farm Industries CRC is developing new and adaptable farming systems for Australia by creating new land-use systems which will make agriculture ... more »

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    • farming –
    • eco farming
    Chittering Valley Worm Farm

    Chittering Valley Worm Farm is located in Chittering, which is 80 k.m. north of Perth in the Chittering Valley, Western Australia. The distance from Perth has not ... more »

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    • greens eco farming
    At Source Organics

    At Source Organics feature locally grown and certified organic produce. We stock, retail and distribute healthy and nutritious fruits, vegetables, seeds various ... more »

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    • eco agriculture –
    • green agriculture
    Nindethana Seed Service

    Nindethana Seed Service Pty Ltd is based in King River WA. We specialise in native seeds. As one of Australia’s largest and most reputable seed merchants, ... more »

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    • eco organic seed
    Harris Organic Wines

    Harris Organic Wines is the only certified organic Swan Valley winery in Perth Western Australia. Established in 1999, they produce certified organic (low or preservative ... more »

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    • organic wine –
    • organic farming
    The Green Life Soil Co

    Here at The Green Life Soil Co, we are manufacturers of certified organic soils & improvers. We also stock soil amendment minerals (eg. bentonite, zeolite, ... more »

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    • compost
    Cullen Wines

    We are a premium biodynamic and carbon neutral wine estate and restaurant in Margaret River. At Cullen Wines, our approach is that we will do whatever it takes ... more »

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    • organic wine –
    • Fruit
    Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm

    Situated at Dumbleyung in southern Western Australia, Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm is owned and farmed by the Lloyd family who practise ecologically-sustainable, ... more »

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    • farming
    Ecosystem Management Services

    At Ecosystem Management Services, we have extensive experience in the field of rehabilitation and revegetation. Our services have been utilised in areas that have ... more »

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    • green landscaping
    MAI Australia

    MAI Australia (Mycorrhizal Australia International) distributes and manufactures  MycoApply®, which is an environmentally friendly inoculant for better ... more »

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    • fertiliser
    oranje tractor wines

    Oranje Tractor Wines is one of Western Australia's smallest wineries, producing some of the finest and most eco natural wines in Australia.  We are situated ... more »

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    • eco natural
    Architect Gerard Siero

    As your architects, Architect Gerard Siero are committed to creatively helping you make the most of your project, with architecture, environmental and solar analysis, ... more »

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    • eco building
    Burnside Bungalows and Organic Farm

    Burnside Bungalows is a 37 acre farm central to all the renowned attractions of the Margaret River region.Pristine white beaches, magnificent caves and our world ... more »

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    • sustainable accomodaition
    Australian West Coast Native Seeds

    In Australia, native plants are often difficult to grow with stability and success. As a matter of fact, most of Australia's native plants are quite the opposite ... more »

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    • Organic Seeds –
    • Organic
    Australian Native Nurseries Group

    Welcome to our new Website! We grow over 800 different species of Australian plants including trees, shrubs, wildflowers, groundcovers, grasses, rushes, sedges ... more »

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    • eco websites
    Doctor Goodness

    We realize here at Doctor Goodness that salinisation of Australia's landscape has progressed at a rate and extent that significant built and natural assets are ... more »

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    • eco data analysis
    Habitat Tree Farm

    Habitat Tree Farm produces our herbs that are locally grown in hardy outdoor conditions. We use a compost based potting mix. Our range of culinary is ... more »

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    • organic
    Organic n Green

    Organic n Green is an Australian green website dedicated to looking after your health and wellbeing.  Our mission is to provide healthy, organic produce, delivered ... more »

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    Sustain Show Green Expo

    Agriculture and Farming Products

    19 listed

    Cullen Wines Cullen Wines

    Since Cullen Wines has evolved into an estate specialising in excellence wines from particular vineyard sites. Bertrand Russell points that "Philosophy is as the ... more »

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    • climate
    Organic Essential Oils Mosquito and Fly repellent Organic Essential Oils Mosquito and Fly repellent

    With 100% Organic Essential Oils and proven efficacy the must have new Chemical Free Insect Repellent products this summer. There are three products to this range, ... more »

    • Chemical Free Insect Repellent –
    • Eco Insect Repellent –
    • Environmentally Friendly Insect Repellent
    The Australian Native Nurseries Group

    The situated in the Perth village of Oakford which is retailing nursery equipment and open whole 7 days in a week throughout the year excluding for the 25th December ... more »

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    • Trees –
    • Perth
    EMS is Perth's leading specialist EMS is Perth's leading specialist

    Ecosystem Management Services (EMS) still maintains their focus to offer a huge verity of top class rush and sedge species, although the business now offers an ... more »

    • Landscapes Nursery –
    • Landscaping –
    • Landscaping Service
    Food Food

    Many people, having risen through the economic development curve, and will consume diets far higher in protein - in the cases of China and India, three to five ... more »

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    • Fresh Water
    Innoculants (Ofs Microplus)

    Organic Farming Systems: On-line information and advice on soil health, sustainable agricultural and compost production systems to farmers, industry and government ... more »

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    • Farming –
    • Organic Waste
    Certified organic heirloom seeds

    At Merri Bee, we sell certified organic heirloon seeds; non-hybrid seeds of useful permaculture plant that make great for seeding. Our eco seed suppliers only produce ... more »

    • certified organic –
    • permaculture –
    • seeding
    Hulled Hemp Seeds Hulled Hemp Seeds

    Hulled Hemp Seeds have the combined benefits of both hemp oil and hemp meal: • Improves skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and acne. • Reduces ... more »

    • Organic Oils –
    • Eco Organic Seed –
    • Eco Store
    Comprehensive Soil Analysis

    Organic Farming Systems: Get On-line information and suggestion on soil health, sustainable agricultural and compost production systems to farmers, industry and ... more »

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    • Green Businesses
    The VermiTainerT

    At Source Organics' VermiTainerT is a partially automatic, climate restricted young insect farmhouses that renovate composted substance into worm castings or liquid ... more »

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    • Eco Compost
    Harvey’s Hemp Seed Oil 500ml Harvey’s Hemp Seed Oil 500ml

    Hemp Seed Oil 100% Pure• Improves skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and acne. • Reduces pain and swelling from Arthritis, Osteoporosis  • ... more »

    • Eco Fuel –
    • oil –
    • Organic Oils
    Caring For The Environment Caring For The Environment

    At Burnside Bungalows and Organic Farm we have organized the accommodation to suit the climate and utilize natural energy. The Burnside Bungalows and Organic Farm ... more »

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    • wood
    Residential Landscaping Residential Landscaping

    One of our services here at ABM, is landscaping both residential and commercial clients.  We are here to help you bring to life any residential homes and liven ... more »

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    • Eco Landscape Gardeners
    Mulching and erosion control Mulching and erosion control

    GHEMS Renegotiation Environmental has an imposing track record in the use of mulch and other surface treatments to provide the best possible growing conditions ... more »

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    • Eco Landscaping –
    • Eco Garden
    Minerals and soil amendments

    We carry a wide range of soil amendment products to help with deficiences and overcome imbalances. ... more »

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    • Permaculture –
    • Eco Gardening
    Coral Viewing Tours Coral Viewing Tours

    Coral Bay Charters & Glass Bottom Boats is the innovative family glass bottom boat operative since 1973, we have boats which are motorized by environmentally friendly ... more »

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    • glass –
    • environmentally friendly c
    Design and Construction of Landforms Design and Construction of Landforms

    Here at Rally Environmental, we are known as one of the leaders in our industry when it comes to designing and constructing stable waste landforms.  Our secret ... more »

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    • Contaminated Land Management –
    • Contaminated Land Management

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