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Draeger Safety Pacific

technological challenges of its markets. From the pressure reducer valve to the very latest in environmental device technology – countless patents in the ... more »

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  • electrical green –
  • environmentally friendly equipment

Ozmotech Pty Ltd, a privately owned Australian company, was formed to focus its energy on the emerging environmental technology market... more »

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  • eco energy
Renew Magazine

Published quarterly, ReNew: technology for a sustainable future, features the latest in sustainable building practice, renewable energy and water conservation. ... more »

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  • building
ebm-papst A&NZ Pty Ltd

these issues globally and now supplies 36% of its turnover with EC or high efficiency, speed controllable motor... more »

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  • eco electrical –
  • energy efficient
Strike Consulting

Strike consulting is technology and venture development specialist in the cleantech and environmental solutions sector. Strike delivers outcomes to its clients ... more »

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  • eco-businesses
Victoria University

Law & Standards 3) Solid Waste Management 4) Water Pollution and Liquid Waste Management 5) Cleaner Production Technology & Waste Minimization 6) Air Quality ... more »

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  • environmental management –
  • councils
Surplus Remarketers

We are a company with extensive experience and skills in dealing with Surplus Stock, this could be Customer Returns from Major retailers and Major suppliers... more »

  • environmentally friendly make up –
  • environmentally friendly equipment –
  • eco electrical
Technical & Scientific Equipment

Technical & Scientific Equipment offers a range of testing instruments and measuring equipment for industry and laboratory, backed by many years of training ... more »

  • eco electrical –
  • electrical green –
  • environmentally friendly equipment
Test-it's-safe Electrics

Electrical Safety, is your work safe? Is your workplace compliant with all the latest Occupational Health and Safety Regulations? Are you overdue to have your ... more »

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  • environmentally friendly equipment –
  • eco electrical
effectual design

effectual design is a leading website design company based in Melbourne Australia. We pride ourselves on our successful track record of producing quality custom ... more »

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  • computer –
  • environmental process technologies
Just Fitness – Home Gym Experts

Just Fitness is famous for gym equipments in Australia. You can buy home gym equipment online at Just Fitness. We offer treadmills, boxing equipments, Elliptical, ... more »

  • environmental technology products –
  • eco electrical equipment –
  • environmentally friendly electrical equipment
CTM Group Services

CTM Electrical Services has been built up around the environmental industry with our tradesmen fully licenced. CTM Electrical Services has over 20 years of combined ... more »

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  • Eco Electrical Equipment –
  • Environmentally Friendly Electrical Equipment
Sustainable Melbourne Fund

Green IT remains an important issue in the channel, particularly as government regulations appear imminent. Vendors are cleaning up their act and customers are ... more »

  • eco cleaning –
  • melbourne –
  • cleaning
JO COM Telemetry Solutions

JO COM Telemetry Solutions is a division of AWMA Pty Ltd. JO COM enhances AWMA's abilities beyond the water industry to provide economical data transfer from any ... more »

  • Eco computers –
  • green electrical equipment –
  • enviro technologies
Vapotec Australia

Vapotec is a remarkably simple but ingenious device designed to automatically turn your bathroom  exhaust fan on when it senses the presence of steam. When ... more »

  • environmentally friendly equipment –
  • eco electrical –
  • electrical green
State Automation

State Automation is an Australian owned international company providing lighting control systems and automation systems for commercial projects such as Theatres, ... more »

  • environmental technology products –
  • green electrical equipment –
  • eco electrical equipment
Matthews Australia

No matter what your coding, labelling or data capture application, Matthews is the only green company in Australasia that can provide you with a complete range ... more »

  • eco electrical –
  • electrical green –
  • environmentally friendly equipment
Kenlec Electrical

Kenlec Electrical services specialise in anything electrical. We are experts in all electrical maintainance and service fields from residential to commericial. ... more »

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  • Eco Electrical Equipment –
  • Electrical Green

GreenMobiles is the only telecommunications provider to respond to climate change and offer carbon-offset as a part of our mobile service. For every $1 you spend ... more »

  • eco mobile phones –
  • mobile phones –
  • green mobile phones
Equipment Recycling Network

The Equipment Recycling Network is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. We are a green business that recycles eco computers at the Equipment ... more »

  • green business –
  • recycle –
  • green company
Electrosense Technologies

Electrosense Technologies design, manufacture and market electronic sensing and remote monitoring equipment for domestic, scientific and commercial applications. ... more »

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  • electrical green –
  • green electrical equipment
Lilydale Computer Services

Recycle, Refurbish and Reuse your outdated IT equipment. Free drop off or we can pickup for a small fee. (See website for pricing)... more »

  • recycled computers –
  • equipment reuse –
  • recycling companies

GreenMobiles was started by M2 Telecommunications Ltd as an alternative way to provide mobile phone services to Australian consumers whilst contributing to the ... more »

  • eco mobile phones –
  • green mobile phones service –
  • eco mobile phones


GreenPC remanufactured computers are thoroughly cleaned, tested and updated by skilled technicians in our Melbourne workshop, before being offered for sale to community ... more »

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  • low cost computers –
  • remanufactured computers
Sustain Show Green Expo

Technology Products

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Computing Computing

and business development. Consulting and training existing in: Computer applications and computing Information Technology Computer networking and administration ... more »

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  • Green Courses –
  • Eco Computers
TSI 8520 DustTrak Airborne Particle Monitor TSI 8520 DustTrak Airborne Particle Monitor

Following are the feature regarding TSI 8520 DustTrak a) Tech Rentals TSI 8520 is a moveable aerosol monitor. b) Tech Rentals TSI 8520 have Laser photometer which ... more »

  • Computer –
  • Eco Computers –
  • Eco Software
Cae Room Hire Cae Room Hire

Centre for Adult Education provides a extensive range of supple cost effective meeting, function and training facilities in a exclusive educational environment ... more »

  • art –
  • melbourne –
  • eco art
e-Waste Collection e-Waste Collection

Here at Going Greener, we provide free electronic and electronic equipment recycling services for Computer Repairers in Melbourne - or just anyone with a unfixable ... more »

  • Electronic Equipment Recycling –
  • Recycled Electrical Equipment –
  • Waste Water Recycling

Johnson Partner's Engineering highly skilled and experienced staff using the latest software delivers a quality product at every stage of development. Johnson Partners ... more »

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  • Eco Software –
  • Green Engineers
Abacus Hand-held Airborne Particle Counter Abacus Hand-held Airborne Particle Counter

Tech Rentals provide movable and handy particle measuring system that normally used in clean room applications. Four fixed size channels 0.3, 0.5, 1.0 & 5.0 ... more »

  • Eco Software –
  • Green Software –
  • Cleaning
City Library City Library

Centre for Adult Education's City Library show off wide range of: a) Books, b) DVD's, c) CD's, d) Magazines and e) Newspapers. It offers a dynamic space in ... more »

  • Eco Computers –
  • Green Computers –
  • Green Magazines
Onsite Network Service

We provide onsite IT service for homes, offices and small/medium businesses. Our technicians are full qualified and will ensure your network system’s perfect ... more »

  • green computers –
  • offices –
  • Business
Utilities Monitoring And Management

Hatlar Environmental has initialized that utilities & energy information collected by companies is often limited to consumption and cost data. This is insufficient ... more »

  • Green Environmental Companies –
  • Green Software –
  • Green Electricity
EASE™ - emissions accounting solutions

EASE™ has been designed to measure Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions using best practice national and international accounting methodologies ... more »

  • Green Software –
  • Carbon Neutral –
  • Environmental Management
Botanical Information Systems

The computer hardware contains a combined system of Sun UNIX servers, Sun UNIX workstations, and networked PCs and Macintosh computers. These are attached via fibre ... more »

  • Eco Computers –
  • Plants –
  • information
Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is recognized as a important environmental and health problem in most countries but here in Australia little until freshly has been done ... more »

  • environmental science –
  • air pollution
Eco Salvage Centre Eco Salvage Centre

The Drive In Salvage Centre is not your average retail outlet. We are an eco friendly salvage business and we try to recover and collect as much as we can.  ... more »

  • Recycled Bricks –
  • Recycled Building Products –
  • Recycled Concrete
Website Designs

Effectual design creates custom, high-quality website design solutions that not only become the forefront of your business, but also helps to maximize your businesses ... more »

  • Computer
Nature XR250 Recumbent Exercise Bike - Free Delivery Australia Wide

An excellent value bike that cab fulfill several wants including fitness, injury, bad backs & rehabilitation. And of course, comes with free delivery*!!!... more »

  • Environmentally Friendly Electrical Equipment

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