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Solartec Renewables

CO2 emissions now in the most significant way you can with your own Solartec Grid Connect system generating free clean energy for life. Govt. rebates available. ... more »

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  • green energy –
  • solar

Pty Ltd, with headquarters in Sydney and state offices around Australia, offers the biggest range of quality renewable energy products and a comprehensive Australia-wide ... more »

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  • energy
Wizard Power

Power deliver solar power to the nation through integrated solar energy solutions for industry and agriculture. Wizard Power’s focus is to provide the integration ... more »

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  • solar

is ActewAGL's green energy program where 100% of the energy we purchase on your behalf comes from government-accredited new renewable sources, sources that don't ... more »

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  • energy
Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator

at the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER), we are identified as a statutory authority established to oversee the implementation of the Large-scale ... more »

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  • energy
Ministerial Council on Energy

Ministerial Council on Energy (MCE) was established by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in 2001. It aims to deliver the economic and environmental benefits ... more »

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  • eco power
Energy Ratings

Energy Rating is a joint online initiative of Australian, State and Territory governments to help consumers search and compare the most energy efficient applian... more »

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  • energy
Australian Government's Green Vouchers for Schools

Funding for every school to improve energy and water efficiency... more »

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  • energy

The Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT) is funded by the ACT Government to provide free, independent, expert advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home. ... more »

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  • energy consultant
Energy Partners

Multi-disciplinary consultants on built environment eco energy, environment, evaluation and policy. For the best green energy consultants, look no further than Energy ... more »

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  • eco energy consultants
Fletcher Insulation - Pink Batts

we provide at Fletcher Insulation - Pink Batts produces environmentally responsible products that increase the energy efficiency of our homes. In doing so we can ... more »

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  • eco home
Department of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency

3 December 2007. On 8 March 2010, as a result of Machinery of Government changes, a new Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency was established. We are ... more »

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  • green data analysis –
  • climate
Centre For Sustainable Energy Systems

the Centre For Sustainable Energy Systems, scientists and researchers are working hard as the world leading solar research and education team. Based in the Australian ... more »

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  • eco research –
  • solar energy
Department of Environment and Heritage

a strict organisational structure and divisional information aiming at increasing eco sustainability and energy efficienct. Information about our minister, executive ... more »

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  • sustainable
Earth Basics

Basics is committed to bringing you a great catalogue of energy efficient, environmentally responsible eco products to suit the modern lifestyle. Earth Basics has ... more »

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  • environmental management
DCI (Design Construct Industries) - Archline Engineering

concerned engineers, Architects, Designers & Draftsmen offer a wide range of services to provide sustainability and energy efficiency, personally tailored to ... more »

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  • green engineers
Greenhouse Challenge Plus Awards

Challenge Plus enables Australian companies to form working partnerships with the Australian Government to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ... more »

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  • form
Territory Solar Clean

At Territory Solar Clean our aim is to clean your solar panels so you earn the maximum rebate dollars from your investment. Up to 30 percent ... more »

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  • solar energy –
  • solar panels
Australian Greenhouse Office: Your Home

Air conditioning retailer, including evaporative air conditioning.... more »

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  • energy
Australian Ethical Investment & Superannuation

Australian Ethical Investment specialises in environmental and socially responsible investment. Investments aim to avoid harming people and the environment. Australian ... more »

  • conservation –
  • sustainable energy –
  • renewable energy
Edwards Hotwater

Founded in 1963, Edwards Hotwater has become be a global leader in producing hot water systems for domestic and commercial purposes. Edwards Hotawter useg solar ... more »

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  • green energy –
  • solar
Australian National Sustainability Network

Well before Al Gore brought the world's attention to our global sustainability challenges and well before Facebook became 'all the rage', The Australian National ... more »

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  • green building
Enviro Friendly Products

Enviro Friendly Products was founded in 2003, and operating a 300+ page website, Enviro Friendly supplies a wide range of water and energy-saving products nationally. ... more »

  • solar hot water systems –
  • water tanks –
  • water
Magnetite - Insulating Windows

Magnetite is an Australian owned company specialising in retro-fitted double glazing insulating windows. We are the solution to comfortable living by improving ... more »

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  • eco windows –
  • eco glazing
Department of Transport and Regional Services

The Department of Transport and Regional Services provides policy advice to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport and delivers a variety of programs on ... more »

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  • transport


SOLAR SPARK ELECTRICAL is an Australia wide Solar Electricity Design and Installation Service.... more »

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  • eco design
Sustain Show Green Expo

Energy Products

20 listed

Conergy Small wind power systems Conergy Small wind power systems

is the exclusive authorised wholesale distributor of Proven Energy wind power products within Australia. The result of 25 years of research and development, Proven ... more »

  • Wind Energy –
  • Wind Power –
  • Wind Power Systems
Conergy Solar power systems Conergy Solar power systems

products are already supplying over 1.7 million people worldwide with clean, renewable energy every year. Conergy has designed, installed and commissioned some ... more »

  • Eco Energy Consultants –
  • Eco Lighting –
  • Solar Panels
Double Glazed Windows and Doors Double Glazed Windows and Doors

windows and doors. They are perfect for colder and warmer climates. Double glazing is not only a great way towards energy efficiency, it can make your home more ... more »

  • Eco Windows –
  • Sustainable Windows –
  • Window
Split System Air Conditioners

Aircon Direct offers you the most energy efficient air conditioning systems in the world.  Split system air conditioners are specifically designed for individual ... more »

  • air conditioning –
  • green home appliances –
  • eco energy
Solar Heat Pumps Solar Heat Pumps

solar panels is on the roof are not an alternative option, the heat pump is an energy capable substitute method. A heat pump operates like a refrigerator simply ... more »

  • Solar Panels –
  • Solar Heating –
  • Green Energy
Respecting Our Environmental Responsibilities Respecting Our Environmental Responsibilities

construction has a considerable impact on our atmosphere. As a main dispenser and supplier of electricity, essential Energy is extremely conscious of its conscientiousness ... more »

  • Enviro –
  • Construction –
  • Eco Construction
Infrastructure Infrastructure

communications projects shape our lives because they provide the basics that we need for everyday life, such as water, energy and transportation. But it is about ... more »

  • Eco Communication –
  • Eco Construction –
  • Eco Watering Solutions
National Solar Schools Program National Solar Schools Program

school in Australia is eligible to apply for grants of up to $50,000 to install 2 kilowatt solar panels and a range of energy and water efficiency measures, such ... more »

  • Eco Program –
  • Green Vouchers –
  • Climate Change
Conergy Solar Hot Water Systems Conergy Solar Hot Water Systems

Conergy Solar Hot Water Systems Conergy solar hot water systems are built to withstand the harshest conditions and can be custom-built to suit any requirements. ... more »

  • Eco Energy Consultants –
  • Solar Installation –
  • Energy
Territory Solar Clean

Cleaning Solar panels is a efficiency way to make solar panels fully used. Your solar panels collect dust or tree sap, which lead to the effectiveness of solar ... more »

  • Solar Panels –
  • Solar –
  • Solar Energy
Solar Water Heater Solar Water Heater

Due to the reason that at Solahart they have more the 65 different models exist, which is including roof mounted, ground mounted versions, to select one model it ... more »

  • Eco Roofing –
  • Eco Websites –
  • Green Roofing
Split System Air Conditioners Split System Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioners are consists of two sections one is within the home and second with the division being associated by refrigerant piping. These are ... more »

  • Air Conditioning –
  • Eco Cooling –
  • Eco Energy
Research And Development Research And Development

Summary: -  Australia is a leading manufacturer of following equipments: - 1. Ilmenite (20 per cent of world production in 2006), 2. Rutile (44 per cent) ... more »

  • Eco Research –
  • Project –
  • Led Lights
Car Window Glass Specialists Car Window Glass Specialists

At A.C.T. Windows, we are your Car Window Glass Specialists with our services ranging from Repairs, Replacements and Followup Services. In fact, when it comes to ... more »

  • Eco Cars –
  • Transport –
  • Window
Car Window Glass Specialists Car Window Glass Specialists

At A.C.T. Windows, we are your Car Window Glass Specialists with our services ranging from Repairs, Replacements and Followup Services. In fact, when it comes to ... more »

  • Eco Cars –
  • Transport –
  • Window
Roof maintenance

Regular and skilful maintenance of your roof will significantly improve its durability and avoid premature leak and structural issues. The Territory Solar Clean ... more »

  • Cleaning Solar Panels –
  • homes –
  • eco homes
Hills Solar Hot Water Systems

Hills Solar Hot Water Systems combines the technically advanced evacuated tube design with the security of the iconic Hills brand name, and add top quality advice, ... more »

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  • Enviro-friendly Solar –
  • Solar Dealer

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