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QLD Sustainable Energy Industry Development

The Queensland Sustainable Energy Industry Development Group (QSEIDG) is a non-profit, non-incorporated association that focuses specifically on moving forward ... more »

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Solatube is the designer and manufacturer of Daylighting & Ventilation systems. Solatube offers a complete range of energy efficient products: Award winning tubular ... more »

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Pty Ltd, with headquarters in Sydney and state offices around Australia, offers the biggest range of quality renewable energy products and a comprehensive Australia-wide ... more »

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QLD Office of Energy

Queenceland Government: Department of Mines and Energy... more »

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Solahart - QLD State Office

solar energy in its many forms and supplying it to a world desperate for alternative energy sources is the drive behind Solahart.With over half a century of experience ... more »

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Australian Electronic Water Conditioners

use water as the cooling medium. By removing scale and/or slime from cooling towers and chiller condensers you will save energy and maintenance. We supply a one ... more »

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Solar Green

Green Pty Ltd represents a fresh new approach to the exciting world of Solar Energy Products and Design. Solar Green bring together the engineering brilliance of ... more »

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Green Engineering Pty Ltd

Engineering, as Authorized Agent of ORER (Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator), Associate Member of CEC (Clean Energy Council), and Member of AuSES (Australian ... more »

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Kings of Green Solar

Solar provides Solar & Energy Management products & services Australia wide. FREE Home & Business Energy Assessments - Solar Power, Hot Water, ... more »

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Future Wave Energy Solutions Australia

a Full Energy Solutions Package. Reduce costs. Reduce emissions. Reduce your carbon footprint. We are an energy management company providing energy saving solutions ... more »

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Energy Reductions and Power Solutions

Reductions & Power Solutions Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned company committed to creating energy savings for you whilst at the same time reducing your ... more »

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Advanced Wind Technoligies

who wants to implement sustainable new technologies.  We consult, educate, design, distribute and install renewable energy systems in an expert and professional ... more »

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Sunco Energy

pride ourselves here at Sunco Energy on our contribution to green energy across the country through offering affordable solar power products including solar panels ... more »

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 LedFX manufactures the latest energy efficient LED lighting technology and supplies it to many of Australia's iconic locations as well as popular retail o... more »

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delivering cost effective commercial solutions - one environmental offset, one carbon management plan and one renewable energy or carbon offset opportunity at a ... more »

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Solazone are energy efficent solar energy equipment Specialists.... more »

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New Energy Systems

the1990s, NENSYS New Energy Systems are your one stop professionals in the design and installation of grid-interactive & stand-alone solar power systems. We ... more »

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Hey Presto Hot Water Systems

Hey Presto Hot Water promote a range of instant hot water on demand systems that work well to eliminate the wasted energy and water caused by most water heating ... more »

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The Power Shop

been operating since1994 - for over 19 years - and we now present and  provide Sales and Installation of Renewable Energy Systems, Solar Photovoltaic, RHEEM ... more »

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providers of residential Solar Power Systems. An Australian company SolarGen specialises in solar power systems and energy efficiency. SolarGen install their systems ... more »

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Cooloola Solar Systems

Solar Systems are specialists in the eco design, supply and installation of Renewable Energy Systems.    We incorporate Solar Photovoltaic Panels and ... more »

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Natural Integrated Living

top-notch eco products and services based on our thorough understanding of renewable and sustainable energy. Our areas of expertise here at ... more »

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Ergon Energy: Clean Energy

Owned by the Government of Queensland, Ergon Energy: Clean Energy is an energy corporation that serves more than half a million customers by providing ... more »

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Eco Whisper Turbines

virtually silent wind turbine suitable for urban commercial, domestic, rural, remote communities and for reduction of energy costs.   Highly efficient ... more »

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Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation - Mines and Energy

The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation - Mines and Energy is a government department of the Queensland Government.... more »

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Solar Oz Solutions

feature super bright LED lights (100,000+hrs) with double the number of LED's of many of our compeditors, use renewable energy to illuminate your property & ... more »

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Eco Vibe

appliances including design and installation. Company Eco Vibe provides a “One Stop Shop” for renewable energy products, consultancy, design, accredited ... more »

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Brisbane and North Point TAFE Renewable Energy Centre

energy is crucial for the progression of the Earth and at Brisbane and North Point TAFE Renewable Energy Centre, we are working on that progression. Why go to TAFE ... more »

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Lemnis Lighting

At Lemnis Lighting, we have the goal to initiate the shift from present-day wasteful lighting practices towards energy efficient eco lighting solutions - without ... more »

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Commerce Carbon

Carbon is a nationally recognised energy & greenhouse consultancy providing customised financial & environmental solutions to our clients. We offer a range ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Energy Products

97 listed

Sustainable Energy For Power Systems In Remote Areas Sustainable Energy For Power Systems In Remote Areas

Systems in secluded Areas are a core focus region for Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE). Murdoch University and RISE have wide-ranging of information ... more »

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Architects And Designers Architects And Designers

you need it, Neco stocks it. We have all from cleaning products, toiletries, solar systems and water saving solutions to energy efficient lighting, composting and ... more »

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Councils, Ngo'S And Schools Councils, Ngo'S And Schools

the community. Neco have knowledge and specialties in delivering community programs that helps to decrease householders energy and water utilization levels, create ... more »

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Popping Corn Popping Corn

sizes: 20kg, 10kg, 5kg, 350g, and cartons of 6pkts and 24pkts. 2.Nutritional Information per 100g and 50g 3.Energy 750Kj 1500Kj 4.Protein 3.1g 6.1g 5.Fat total ... more »

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University 50th Anniversary University 50th Anniversary

at Federation Square. Over 200 visitors together with Monash alumni, members of the public, guests from the water and energy industry, Monash staff and students ... more »

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A Commitment To The Environment A Commitment To The Environment

Integral Energy is a major energy distributor and retailer, we know our responsibility to address the environmental impacts and green house gas emissions. Integral ... more »

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Conergy Small wind power systems Conergy Small wind power systems

is the exclusive authorised wholesale distributor of Proven Energy wind power products within Australia. The result of 25 years of research and development, Proven ... more »

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Conergy Solar power systems Conergy Solar power systems

products are already supplying over 1.7 million people worldwide with clean, renewable energy every year. Conergy has designed, installed and commissioned some ... more »

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StarLux MR16 LED Downlight bulb 4.5W StarLux MR16 LED Downlight bulb 4.5W

effective and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and save on your power bills. It uses approximately 10% of the energy of a 50 watt halogen downlight (saving ... more »

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Brightgreen DR700 LED light bulb MR16 Brightgreen DR700 LED light bulb MR16

the pins, it is a GU10 fitting. The DR700 LED is a breakthrough in LED technology as it allows you to swap all your old energy hungry halogen bulbs over to efficient ... more »

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Building-integrated Solar Energy Systems Building-integrated Solar Energy Systems

Environments)   It provides the Products for Building Designers and Architects and it also Roof incorporated Solar Energy Systems. Solar Power producing windows ... more »

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Tips to help you save on your Energy Bills Tips to help you save on your Energy Bills

all incandescent bulbs and fluorescent bulbs with LED lights. Although we all know that incandescents consume too much energy - it is however not well known that ... more »

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Energy Reductions

with an expert is essential to lower the energy cost of your business withouth compromising either yours and your customers' experience. The Energy Reductions & ... more »

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Energy Efficiency from SolarGen

installing a solar power system you can harness the clean energy of the sun and reduce the carbon footprint of your home. By becoming less reliant on carbon fuels ... more »

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Breeze Power Natural Cooling Breeze Power Natural Cooling

rooms are fills with naturally cooling by using Low Energy Living NSW's Breeze Power Natural Cooling, fresh air breezes that budge over your skin to cool and refresh ... more »

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Ways to be more energy efficient around the home Ways to be more energy efficient around the home

at Green at Heart, we would like to share a couple to tips to make your home and dwelling more energy efficient both for your benefits and the benefit of the environment. ... more »

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How a Solar System Works How a Solar System Works

systems that are designed to trap the sun's energy, converting it into electricity that we can use.  The energy emitted by the sun travels to our atmosphere ... more »

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