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Gardening Companies

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Aquaseeding Services

AquaSeeding Services Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company principally engaged in revegetation, spray seeding and erosion control. AquaSeeding operates a ... more »

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DecoR Pebble Aust.

DécoR Stone is known within for offering sustainable & éco stone solutions. With a growing focus on environmental issues & sustainable landscape ... more »

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Ecosystem Management Services

At Ecosystem Management Services, we have extensive experience in the field of rehabilitation and revegetation. Our services have been utilised in areas that have ... more »

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Urban Sustainable Landscapes

Urban Sustainable Landscapes is an Adelaide based business. We specialise in environmentally sustainable designs and constructions for award winning, drought tolerant, ... more »

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concrete and clean "fill" (soil)

concrete and clean "fill" (soil)... more »

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Gus Hydromulching

Gus Hydromulching... more »

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KHD landscape Engineering Solutions

KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions (KHD) offers a wide range of landscape engineering and natural stone products for domestic, commercial and local government ... more »

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Conergy - a global leader in solar power, solar hot water and wind power generation.Conergy Pty Ltd, with headquarters in Sydney and state offices around Australia, ... more »

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 Receive great plant growing tips and ideas with Hortiman™, your modern plant information guide. Ask your plant or garden questions, post photos ... more »

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Whitsunday Organic B & B

Whitsunday Organic B & B is an environmentally friendly lodging nestled in a tropical organic garden in Airlie Beach overlooking the beautiful Whitsunday Islands ... more »

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Water Wizz

Mareg Plumbing & Bathroom Products Pty Ltd (Water Wizz Products) has been designing and manufacturing a complete range of pressure compensating flow regulated ... more »

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The Urban Gardener

Urban Gardener is your one-stop shop for all of your hydroponics and indoor growing needs. Find the most affordable rates on grow light ballasts, grow lamps, hydroponic ... more »

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Australian Community Foods

Company setting up recycling collection points in shops.... more »

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Australian Heritage Directory

Heritage is all the things that make up Australia's identity - our spirit and ingenuity, our historic buildings, and our unique, living landscapes. Our heritage ... more »

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Australian Native Farm Forestry

Australian Native Farm Forestry, ANFF Natives is an Australian Nursery that is based in Northern Victoria selling large varieties of Australian local Native species.We ... more »

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Organic Gardening From Down Under

Good UK-based environmental personal blog.... more »

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Walking School Bus

Propogates and suppliers of local native plants and seeds.... more »

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Planet Ark Direct

Portal to sustainable development initiatives from local governments.... more »

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Pyramid Organic Produce

Association promoting the development of a mallee oil industry in Western Australia.... more »

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Sam the Butcher

Organically based products including seasol and powerfeed.... more »

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Sydney Organic Gardens

Is your garden organic, healthy and environmentally sustainable? Organic gardens are bountiful productive ecosystems that sustain life and enrich your lifestyle. ... more »

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Bags and homewares made from recycled materials by development projects.... more »

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Waterwise System

Waterwise Systems® provides a complete greywater irrigation solution that automatically waters every plant in your garden. More than 10 years of experience helping ... more »

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Zanthorrea Nursery

Native spices and herbs.... more »

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Wormtec worm farming and vermiculture

we are a family owned and operated commercial worm farm and leading producer in Australia of environmentally friendly biology based natural organic worm derived ... more »

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Hallway Runners

 We sale hallway runner rugs online to customers in Australia. Our featured Products are Hallway runners, corridor rugs, carpet runners, hall runners, hallway ... more »

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Touchwood trees

 Touchwood Trees is the best tree surgeon in Australia which providing a full vary of skilled services for all of your tree surgery and Tree Removal desires.It ... more »

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Australian Paving Centre APC Lonsdale

 APC specialist retail stores were developed to cater for a growing demand for a low maintenance, drought tolerant landscaped home & garden. APC offer ... more »

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Tree Removal Service in Adelaide

Each tree will be evaluated to its size texture and stability to determine what is the best way to attend to the tree removal work. Our staff at AlloutTrees is ... more »

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Australian Paving Centre (APC)

 APC Mount Barker offers driveway paving, brick paving solutions in Mount Barker, Adelaide Hills location. provides pool paving, courtyard ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Gardening Products

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Eco Wood Plus

Eco wood Plus is a leading timber supplier store in melbourne, Victoria. We also have timber yard where we offer a wide range of Ecowood timber which is a unique ... more »

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The Australian Native Nurseries Group

The situated in the Perth village of Oakford which is retailing nursery equipment and open whole 7 days in a week throughout the year excluding for the 25th December ... more »

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Landscape And Natural Beauty

A number of the Tarkine's landscapes are excellent are included: The largest tract of temperate rainforest in Australia. Located in the Tarkine's north-east in ... more »

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Sydney Native Nursery Sydney Native Nursery

Welcome to Sydney Native Nursery I.S.D. Architecture specialized in the transmission of native plants, in exacting, the assortment of seed and the delivery of original ... more »

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The Australian Water Map The Australian Water Map

The Australian Water Map is reserve for those people who are conscious in water-related issues that are specialized and want to help prepare solutions for key water ... more »

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Seeded Paper Seeded Paper

Paper embedded with seeds - 100% recycled paper and seeds. Made here in Australia. Printed for fliers, postcards, invitations and anything where a strong environmental ... more »

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Certified Organic soil mixes

Contain a wide range of nutrition, minerals, trace elements, beneficial microbes to ensure healthy plant growth.... more »

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Catering ware

100% biodegradable & compostable catering ware for small and large events. Perfect for work functions, festivals, picnics and BBQ's. Retails & wholesale ... more »

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Worm Farm Waste Systems offer to new estates an extreme supplementary sustainable for sewerage & garbage waste water system and also decrease head works costs. ... more »

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Trees Need Tree Surgeons

Tree Needs Tree Surgeons undertake all aspects of tree surgery; we also manage forestry contracts and site clearances. Our staffs are all fully equipped, qualified ... more »

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Garden Maintennace Sunshine Coast

We offer garden maintenance and designing services in Sunshine coast. Our landscape designers have unique approach of designing the gardens.Design your home and ... more »

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Landscape Products

Professional Landscape Supplies has more than 20 years of experience providing landscape supplies. We know what our customers want and need, that’s why we ... more »

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japanese gardens melbourne

We are sure that you must have witnessed some of our landscaping work if you have travelled around Melbourne. Some of our amazing projects are across suburbs like ... more »

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Crossply Bamboo Perth

If you searching for the crossply bamboo supplier in Australia then Stepfast Flooring is the end of your searching. our range of crossply bamboo flooring has horizontal ... more »

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Due to the higher demand of pool building, Harrison's Landscaping obtained the Pool Builder’s License in 2011 and has been building pools to enrich the gardens ... more »

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Garden Design & Building

Each garden is approached in a different, unique way, so the final result is a small haven for the people who will be using it most. The recognisable traits of ... more »

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Lawn Mowing Specialist Lawn Mowing Specialist

At Alpine Valley, we are your Lawn Mowing and maintenance specialists. We have services ranging from: Lawn Mowing and Maintenance to Leaf Vacuum to Rubbish Removal. ... more »

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