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Water Companies

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Central Highlands Water

VISION: A sustainable water future based on community partnerships. MISSION: Providing quality water and wastewater services fairly, efficiently and sustainably ... more »

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Caroma Dorf

and eco toilets products. Caroma is at the forefront of product innovation and is the market leader in reduced flush water efficient sanitaryware. Caroma is a wholly ... more »

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East Coast Environmental Solutions

been helping people get stuck into MUD since 2001.  Modular Underground Drainage is used to create Water Voids that capture, filter and recharge the earth's ... more »

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Aromatrix Australia

agricultural • food processing • chemical • petroleum • manufacturing • municipalities like water reclamation • sewage treatment ... more »

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Australian Electronic Water Conditioners

to Australian Electronic Water Conditioners Pty Ltd. ASRAPS [Automated Scale/Slime Removal and Prevention systems] is an electronic water conditioner that has recently ... more »

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The International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM) provides a national focus and international gateway to Australia's education, training ... more »

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Glockemann Pumps

unique, patented, water powered 'Glockemann'© pump needs no fuel or electricity to operate, just a flow of water, such as stream or creek and a 'drop only ... more »

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AdTech Environmental

Environmental is an Australian owned environmental engineering company offering key technologies that help protect clean water in the three main areas of industrial ... more »

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Dural Irrigation

Irrigation is a specialist Irrigation and water related eco equipments. Due to our wealth of experience and knowledge of our environmentally friendly products, ... more »

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Comparison Plastics

Pty Ltd, we are a local small-time eco company specialising in custom rotational moulders & manufacturers of plastic water tanks.  Our water tanks come ... more »

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is a revolutionary self-regulating and plant driven irrigation system that will help save up to 70% of your water bills. This eco device has been tested and proven ... more »

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Amiad Australia

is an industry leader in the areas of:  • Potable water treatment for municipal & other applications • Waste water treatment for tertiary and ... more »

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CleverLad Conservation

is Australia's leader when it comes to the supplying of Luxury Green and Eco Friendly Products that helps you save water.  Our green products also assists ... more »

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Australian owned green company, Cleanawater specialises in the eco design, manufacture, installation and service of waste water treatment and wash water recycling ... more »

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North East Water

At North East Water, we are responsible for providing water and sewerage services to 37 towns, villages and cities in North East Victoria. This means that we are ... more »

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Melbourne City Council - Business Melbourne

- Decreasing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions - Reducing water consumption - Improving water quality and waste... more »

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services that guarantee sustainable improvement to the triple bottom line. EP&T's key products include: energy and water sub-metering; Monitoring, Analysis ... more »

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EnviroSmart are leaders in spill control products, chemicals and cutting edge water treatment technology.... more »

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Envirotec Plumbing

industrial plumbing and maintenance within the Hunter and Central Coast Region. Our scope of work includes:     Water Tanks: Metal - Concrete - Poly up ... more »

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Enviro Water

here at Enviro Water run a completely Australian company that offers Domestic Grey Water Systems Treatment Systems to the domestic market. A recognized group of ... more »

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Enviro Plus Plumbing

plus plumbing - More than just plumbing. From high efficient evacuated tube solar hot water units to complete bathroom renovations & everything in between Your ... more »

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FLUSH-IT Septic Care

Septic Care® Keep your septic tanks, grey water systems, grease traps, pit toilets and drains working efficiently. Get rid of the nasty smells and pools of ... more »

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Gas Solar Plumbing & Electrical

dealership and GreenPlumbers® accredited. Providing you with the latest solutions to plumbing needs: like free hot water from the sun; the latest ideas on water ... more »

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ECOsmart AustralAsia

We here at ECOsmart AustralAsia offer quality lake and environmental management services and Barramundi fresh water pools. We also offer aquaculture and top quality ... more »

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Fantastic Water

Here at Fantasic Water, we sell discount eco water filtration products and purifiers. Water is crucial in this planet and at Fantastic Water we try to make a different ... more »

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E-Co Shower

Here at E-Co Shower, we sell water saving showers that are ecologically friendly. Our water saving devices at E-Co Shower are affordable and efficient.... more »

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Eco Sac

for you because: It is discreetly located under your deck or house It utilises previously wasted space. It captures water faster than traditional tanks It can ... more »

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Eco Plumbing & Water Solutions

prime focus of Eco Plumbing & Water Solutions is to suplly the best solutions for all your eco plumbing requirements and your water problems. Eco Plumbing & ... more »

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Easy Water

Water supplies water coolers that are environmentally sound compared with old fashioned bottled water coolers. They are modern, generally cost less, you have no ... more »

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Eco Manage

need for more eco friendly products and services. As we all know, Sydney and broader Australia have been subjected to a water crisis with water restrictions and ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Water Products

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provides a safe, simple, effective, economical and environmentally friendly solution for obtaining cleaner drinking water from the rain, rivers and bores. 1. TANKVAC™ ... more »

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provides a safe, simple, effective, economical and environmentally friendly solution for obtaining cleaner drinking water from the rain, rivers and bores.1. TANKVAC™ ... more »

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Environmental Water Reserve Environmental Water Reserve

water, our future" program, is a progrmme under the State Government's water has been set aside to secure the long-term health of rivers. This water-known as the ... more »

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Bush It Bush It

and construction works including slope stabilization, track work and small scale rip rap viii. It provides Storm water management ix. It provides Vegetation Management ... more »

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Environmental Site Assessments Environmental Site Assessments

Water Reserve"Our water, our future" program, is a progrmme under the State Government's water has been set aside to secure the long-term health of rivers. This ... more »

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Technical Attributes Technical Attributes

exclusive of comprehensive filtrate component.7) Peak efficacy requirements for the filter which are: - mains / recycled water up-to less than 5% (depending on ... more »

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zip hydro tap

Waterlogic focus revolves around delivering convenient, environmentally friendly, cost effective filtered office water systems and water coolers to replace antiquated ... more »

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Watering Systems for Agriculture and Gardening Watering Systems for Agriculture and Gardening

we specialise in irrigation sprinklers and systems. We are also the place to shop for basic garden hoses, connections and water diverters.  We are proud to ... more »

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Water Saving Solution for your Home Water Saving Solution for your Home

our team at South Coast Solar Solutions recommends purchasing a Efergy Showertime timer and alarm. It is a simply and fun water saving device for the whole family.  ... more »

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How much water you can save with a Rainwater Tank How much water you can save with a Rainwater Tank

litres per year of precious rainwater that run down the drain. Here with our rainwater storage, you can simply save the water for other purposes - from watering ... more »

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Drought Tolerant and Water Wise Gardens Drought Tolerant and Water Wise Gardens

tolerant gardens. We aim for them to not only be low maintenance, easy to look after but also low in their need for water consumption.  With temperamental ... more »

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Water Tanks Water Tanks

Greensystems, we specialise in water tanks, Solar LED lighting and Solar Power. We were established as part of the Sealite Company to focus our renewable products.  ... more »

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How Solar Hot Water System Works How Solar Hot Water System Works

of the questions we get asked about here at Barwon Solar is how does a solar hot water system work. In fact, it's very simple - so simple, we can explain it in ... more »

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Solar Plumbing Solar Plumbing

use Rheem products - which is one of the most trustworthy brands out there. We specialise in General Plumbing, Solar hot water plumbing and sustainable plumbing. ... more »

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Austral Solar Hot Water Austral Solar Hot Water

Austral, we offer top quality Solar Hot Water installations and systems to residential and commercial sectors. We know just how much energy hot water needs. About ... more »

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CCTV pipe inspections

management software. We are also proficient in Vacuum Testing of Sewer lines and Access chambers. Hydrostatic Testing of Water Mains and Rising Mains are carried ... more »

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ReThink Eco Controller

efficient multi speed pump. By adapting to various speed periodically you save up to 75% energy without compromising water quality. Fitted with the Eco Controller ... more »

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